Are you an anti-sandwhicher?

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  • bohm

    My friend says he has a magic sandwhich. He says it cure cancer.
    I asked him why and he said he has a very old cookbook that says so, and because he gave it to a friend with cancer and he got better.
    I told him i dont believe the cookbook and the chemo helped his friend.

    He told me i am an anti-sandwicher and i belong to anti-sandwichism.

    I told him i just dont believe his sandwhich is magical, he dont want to listen so I said yah, i am an anti-sandwhicher because i dont care about labels.

    Now we argue if I am a true anti-sandwhicher or if i am just sandwhich-agnostic since i cant proove his sandwhich is not magical, and i will readily aknowledge there is a very remote posibility that it is magical and does cure cancer.

    I want to ask you all this: is anti-sandwhichism a belief, a non-belief or an anti-belief? Are anti-sandwhichers who cant rule out magic sandwhiches for certain (that would be Dawkins and the rest of established science) really magic-sandwhich agnostics?

    Bonus question: Why has labels become such a source of confusion amongst certain theists lately?

  • Quillsky

    He he. I'll have some of what you're drinking, bohm!! (Should we go Facebook hunting again?!!)

  • bohm

    Quillsky: Heineken! :-). Poor me, i was hoping to get some help :-(.

    I was thinking about this all night, and i realized there are radical magic-sandwhichers out there who want magic-sandwhich recipes placed in cookbooks all over the nation and bomb MacDonals, but then i also realized there are anti-sandwhichers who make a lot of fun of people who believe in magic sandwhiches and call them delusional - with such radicals on each side, perhaps the best position is the golden middle way, ie. sandwhich-agnostic?

  • unclebruce

    I am not so much an anti-sandwicher as an agnostoaster.

    We like to cook things left half-baked.

  • bohm

    unclebruce: "agnostoaster" - I smell a culinary schism!

  • cantleave

    I'm a sandwich agnostic simply because the success of the sandwich depends on the cook's interpretation of the ancient book.

    If you you add the mayo first (directly to the bread), those who put a dollop on top of the other ingredients will say you are a heretic, and the magic won't work.

    Since I have never seen the magic work, but others say that they have I have to take the agnostic position.

    I've also heard that triple decker sandwich is the true form of the magic sandwich, and not the single decker sandwich as taught by certain fundametalist groups. So that would indicate that the book was a little non-specific, which has caused a great deal of confusion and conflict.

    Strangely enough the book used in the majority of the western world is very different from the books used in Asia, the Arab States and many of the african nations. Even though they say this magic sandwich in one form or another exists.

  • bohm

    cantleave: Very interesting take on the magic-sandwhich problem.

    But i wish some would help me out with respect to what anti-sandwhichism is!

  • Essan

    Sandwichers and A-sandwhichers ('ass-munchers' as I playfully call them) are as bad as each other.

    Sandwhich agnostics rule all! :)

  • cyberjesus

    Im not an anti-sandwicher I am and a-sandwicher. but I will refrain from commenting here because your friend might feel bad

  • bohm

    cyberjesus: Aw... i doubt you will change his mind though. The cookbook is inspired after all.

    Essan: Perhaps you are right. It is perhaps a sign of great interlectual dishonesty(TM) to say one does not believe in magic sandwhiches. Perhaps such a statement require a great deal of faith.

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