Advisory to Closet Apostate

by ruruj 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • ruruj

    Alright I'll "declassify" one bit of reason for this Advisory to gain your trusts ... Brazen ...

    Some of those who helped release information on the "brazen" topics, probably are ... insiders.

    Elders on shepherding calls are increasing in activity for various reasons. This includes winning back the lost sheep that may include some Closet Apostates. Also, elders will try to identify and expel the "brazen" (bold) ones.

    Some of these Closet Apostates may elect to leave sooner. In this case, they may choose to be vocal dissident JWs.

    However those who wish to remain longer for various reasons, may be useful for insider tactics. This is the main purpose of "Advisory to Closet Apostate".

    I apologize in advance for my topics that seem to bring some controversy.

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