Satan is the best god to worship because.....

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  • ex-witness

    No way I just found this..... you guys will love it :)

    jeh hovah

    HAVAH became Hovah with letter substitution.

    Havah is "exist" or "be" or "am"
    hovah is "ruin".

    Strong's #1943 Hovah, another form for 1942; RUIN:-MISCHIEF "Mischief" as is meant means "bad intentions" or "of evil intent".

    There is a Jeh and is the name of a Zorast spirit of mistresses and prostitutes. Also reference "Jeh". Jeh in other dialects as being the pronunciation of the word for jinn.

    A jinn is an evil spirit.
    In some dialects "jeh" means "jinn" which is an evil spirit. 'Jeh' is also 'the whore'. In Persian mythology. She is responsible for the death of the first man. Jeh is also used for a consort, paid or unpaid, outside of the marriage bond.
    (Jah which is also used for Jehovah is short for Jabulon.)

    Jehovah can be broken down into the 'demon of mischief' or 'prostitute of ruin'.

    So, basically, "Jehovah" is the devil. In a nutshell.

  • camari

    Wow.... I should show that to my mother, but she thinks I'm evil and that would just prove it to her XD

  • WTWizard

    And, when is the last time Satan has started a war trying to get people to believe him and do his will? Jehovah has to threaten to initiate force in order to get any followers at all, while Satan's followers are doing it volitionally. Which do you think is better?

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