This is why I haven't left JW's yet

by XPeterX 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    Remember that you do not owe an apology to anyone for your decisions - no one... well, ALMOST no one here will condemn you for the course you have chosen. The important thing is that you are CONSCIOUS and THINKING FOR YOURSELF.

    I obtained a ministerial deferment from the draft during the Vietnam war. Looking back now, I really do feel that serving may have been a good thing for me personally. In my opinion, too many people focus on the possibility of dying as a consequence of military service. Some say it is a "waste." I think they choose to disregard the fact that each year millions of teenagers die or cripple themselves as a result of substance abuse or "jackass" stunts. Yet no one says these are "wastes."

    Take care of yourself, and don't start thinking that by avoiding the military you have put one over on the grim reaper. I he comes for you, you're gone.

    "Do as thou wilt is the law."

  • garyneal


    That would've been a good reason for me too back during the Gulf War if they had reinstated the draft. However, since I was not a witness I would instead try going to college. Now, of course, we all know the draft was never reinstated and in some ways I am like AK Jeff in thinking I should've joined when I had the chance.

    Oh well.

    Good luck to you.

  • XPeterX

    I have to be patient for a few years.They have destroyed my everything.I am in a difficult position but I will make it.If I was american for example I would have left JW's a loooong time ago.

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