freeloaders steeling our tax $$$$$$

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  • StAnn

    Garyneal, they can't both claim the same kids. This should have triggered a red flag with the IRS. If these people really piss your mother off, tell her to call the IRS and report them.

    My neighbor is a single dad. He is engaged to a single mom. They don't live together. However, they both get federal money to go to college because they are single parents. They won't marry until they graduate because they will both lose their tuition waivers. Unfortunately, the system is set up to punish people who are married while enabling people who live a non-traditional lifestyle.

  • kurtbethel

    Griping about the poor is disingenuous. The various tax credits and benefits does not begin to offset the hidden taxes they pay for the virtue of being poor. They pay extremely high rates for access to payday loans, merchandise rental, and other things that people with greater means can get easier. They even pay higher prices for food, since supermarkets located in their area are often higher priced local markets or chains. There are many systemic ways that the poor get soaked financially and it keeps them poor. Add to that the lousy schools and education they get that does not teach them ways to avoid the scams to keep them trapped that way.

    If you really want to go after the freeloaders, there is pay dirt in the trillions given in corporate welfare and so called defense contracts.

  • DaCheech
    there is pay dirt in the trillions given in corporate welfare

    company's that are taxed too high leave the states and go overseas, you can't fight them. if you fight them you loose jobs and where did that get you?

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  • DaCheech
  • DaCheech

    I have quite a few customers collecting benefits while working off the book cash

    and I have quite a few customers working cash off the book jobs to avoid paying child support

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I am a bill collector, our company is contracted by the local cable company to collect past due accounts and retrieve equipment. We also disconnect.

    Two of my zip codes are extremely poor areas. Mostly subsidized housing complexes. A third zip code also has a lot of this. In itself this is not bad. What is bad is that people living "off the dole" are driving new cars, have 50"+ HD TVs, monster stereo systems, hundreds of DVDs and CDs....The men (living with the women who are officially living there) pay me off a roll of cash.....untaxed cash...because based on my discussions with them I know they work off the books....or deal drugs (I see it first hand). The women mostly return the equipment and let us shut them off....until they get new service in their 3 year olds name........Yet, they get subsidized (or completely free) housing, subsidized utilities, food stamps (Link card) and Medicaid and do not work a job.

    By contrast, I know of a single mom who gets Medicaid for her and her son and takes the EIC each year....but she works (nearly FT...her job recently cut all but managers to below FT) a regular job. I dont mind my taxes going to benefit her. She cannot get regular health insurance through her work because they exclude pre-existing conditions for the first year.... if she takes that (expensive) insurance she loses Medicaid which does cover it...barely....she is treated like crap because she is viewed as lazy because of Medicaid. She cannot win. Hopefully when she graduates college she can find a regular job that has benefits.

    So is it fair to stereotype everyone "steeling" our tax money? Nope... it exists...but not everyone is stealing. (Please tell me the subject line is a typo and not a reflection of a poor education or laziness).

    Snakes (Rich )

  • DaCheech

    snakes, 1/3 of my education was overseas in a diffrent language.

    anyway, I had a car mechanic as an acquaintance. he was a single father making $800/week and taking home $550 or so after taxes.

    he had 2 children that needed after care and childcare during summers and other misc. days.

    he could not make ends meet and requested goverment assistance. they told him that his pay did not qualify him (he just needed help for children babysititng costs).

    after many years of trying and asking, he figured out the only way to get help was to find a garage that paid off the books. after a few months he re-applied and VOILA!

  • dinah

    Snakes, I agree with you. It seems people are punished for trying to work. The amount of money you can make and receive any assistance is ridiculously low. It's obvious the people who make all the rules have no clue how hard can be to make ends meet.

    If more people would report fraud, it might help. If all the cheaters were weeded out there would be more money to help those who actually deserve it.

    I have heard of situations like Snakes describes. Many times a "welfare Mom" has a man who doesn't officially live there. I call a welfare Mom someone who makes welfare a way of life, not a hand up to get an education and take care of themselves.

  • DaCheech

    actually you have a point, as described by my post.

    the amount of $ required to get assistance is low, therefore many resort to getting it the only way they know. slowly they are absorbed by that life and have no desire/need to get out of it

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