"Hell is the Invention of the Church"

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  • whereami

    Wait a minute. A preist talking the truth? I just witnessed a miracle!!!!

  • designs


    It actually says 'man' they were more advanced than is generally known, especially in western Christian circles, who think they know Judaism from the Pauline writings

    You know in the 20 years I have been inviting 'Evangelicals' to go to a Synagogue or just become friends with a Rabbi to talk over things I can't think of one who has accepted. The lads at evangelicals-and-jws almost gaged on the notion vis a vie Luther and Calvin. No wonder their views of Jews and Jewish progressive philosophy are so skewed.

  • leavingwt


    Too simplistic. Spong is way too sloppy with the Bible and history.

    Please be more specific. Is Spong correct, when he says that Hell (as believed by the Pharisees) does not exist?

  • bigboy911

    Church invents lots of things out of thin air like the drag queen dresses and robes they wear for "easy access".

  • leavingwt
  • I quit!
  • PSacramento
    Based on his philosophy of humans "growing up" I wonder if he watched "Babylon 5"...

    One of the best series, ever.

    The notion of Hell is one that existed before Christians and it "progressed" in the Hebrew theology from just a "state" of Death to a "place" where the body "awaits" the ressurection, to a palce of "eventual" punishment to, in some christian denominations, a place of immediate punishment upon death.

  • PSacramento

    We need to remember that it is NOt about what WE think hell to be or not be, but what those that wrote the NT thought it was at the time of writing.

  • tec

    I can't watch the video yet, so I won't comment on it until later.

    But a place of burning, eternal place of individual torment does not serve any purpose, nor does it mesh with a loving God.

    I'll get back here later when I can watch.


  • leavingwt

    Tammy -- God sets the rules. If he says that burning forever is 'just' and 'loving', then it is. Right? Deputy? Anyone?

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