Witnesses and aging

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  • Heartofaboy

    No prob's NAT, I would shake your hand if I could & invite you in for a beer


  • carvin

    My dad was at one time a very positive and upbeat person. People have always felt close to him because he was easy to be around. Once he became a Dub, he started to change, though I didn't notice it at first because my mother and I too became Dubs also. My sister never did, for which I am grateful. My dad and my sister were very close and after about two years my dad said something to my sister that reallt started me thinkg that something was wrong in the WT. He told her that if she did not join that he is "wiping the dust off his feet and never looking back". As you can imagine this devistated my sister but she stood her ground. I later told my dad that if she joined just to make him happy then her joining would be a lie so therefore meaningless, that fell on deaf ears>

    Then the trigger point that made me stop and say this is totally wrong, was my dad saying to me and my best friend, "I want to call your sister every morning and tell her goodbye, in case the big A starts that day." I know that is normal dub thinking but it was not normal for my dad. Never once in his life did he ever have a defeatest attitude, but now he did. It was one of the saddest days in my life.

    Maybe he too was/is scared that he wont see the big A, maybe he knows it's a lie, who knows. It is still sad to see our loved ones so beaten up in the name of god.

  • designs

    There's one thing about aging and death, its a reality that even the most religious person has to face squarely. So many Witneeses planned on 'Never Dying' and now that older generation is dying in droves. My Mother died in 87 from cancer and believed almost to the end of her life that she would live through Armageddon. Finally a sweat COs wife sat with her and helped her grasp the reality that the cancer would take her life and for her to make peace with it.

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