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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    do all your plants grow?

    I recently asked a friend about certain gardening problems and wondered if, despite all your own green thumb efforts, some of your plants - potted or in ground - remain stunted in their growth.


    CoCo Coleus

  • beksbks

    You're a wonder CoCo!!! I spent the largest part of the day yesterday working in the yard and garden. As I clicked on JWN just this moment, I was thinking "what kind of fall crop might I plant, and when".

    My house is full of plants, my garden is overflowing, and yes sometimes things just don't go right. I have several "Peace Plants" (spathiphyllum) in the house, they are all doing well, some better than others. Except one, that seems to just get worse every day. It had been the most gorgeous spectacular thing for months, over a year. And then over the last 6months, it's just fading. I was just thinking about trimming and repotting it.

    I planted several kinds of tomato, several peppers, carrots, peas, zucchini, cucumber, lettuce and onions this year. Everything has done very well other than the onions, although I even had a few bunches of those. BUT!! I planted what I thought was a nice red slicing tomato "Ace" and what I thought was a Jalapeno. Turns out the tomato was small yellow pear, and the jalapeno was a bell pepper!!! They must have had some mislabeling issues at the nursery. Soooooooo disappointing!! The little tomatoes haven't got much flavor, and they have gone wild, choking out the delicious "sweet 1 millions" that were next to them.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Hi CoCo

    If your plants are in pots, check that they aren't 'potbound' - where the roots run out of space and just grow into a tight tangled lump.

    For all plants use fertilizer if needed - check out the N:P:K ratio.

    This page gives you some good guidelines


    Happy gardening!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, Beks, for sharing some of your garden with us!

    I have a spath - given to me years ago - and it's great in my very low light flat. The aspidistra (cast iron plant) is, well, bullet proof! Our outdoor soil is rather poor and requires much amending. Bottom line: most everything looks healthy, but some plants simply do not grow. Perhaps, too, it's the high acidity of the garden soil due to all the oak trees.

    Sorry about the mislabeling. Happens to people also.


  • beksbks

    Sorry about the mislabeling. Happens to people also.


    Yes! And isn't it disappointing?

  • wasblind

    I can't plant anything whithout the moles destroying it

    it's ok though, cause i'm gonna be eating over at beksbks

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hi Sad emo!

    Great hearing from you! I'll check out the link: thanks!

    Good point about potboundedness, though that's not it, in this case. Water penetration through the root ball is good, plant is healthy. There's just no new growth. I'm wondering if my low light situation is the culprit, because the aforementioned spath and cast iron do great, but not the coleus or begonia.

    I appreciate your help!


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Sorry, wasblind. We have both moles and gophers. They are disastrous. Have a happy meal chez Beks!

    Yes, Beks, it's disappointing, especially my own mislabeling (I'm my worst critic).


  • Sobeit

    Have been gardening for over 50 years and never had such a disastrous year as the past two years. Thought I kept replenishing the soil; but think I will have to let it rest next year. Then two big bucks (male deer) thought everything in the yard was theirs and their offspring would come univited and nibble whatever they could. Plus the bunnies would slip in the fence. Put up one of the 8' screens, but it was too late as this year's heat stunted whatever was growing. Usually, I have tomatos and cucumbers to give the neighbors--not this year.

    Everyone's lawn is yellow from the draught and heat. So, we will reseed the lawn and add top soil. Hope to find some manure to build up the garden.

    Gardening helps keep you in shape and there is nothing like fresh vegetables to eat.

    Different areas of the country favor certain plants and flowers I find. Where I live day lillies, irises, peonies grow in wild abandoment.

    Master Gardener program in the U.S. is well worth the time and effort.

    Wish you all the best and don't lose heart.

  • Mattieu

    Midge Ure............ If I was...............

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