Reaching the Goal of Baptism ... old enough?

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  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I used to go witnessing without my parent when I was in my mid-teens.

    Dad would drop me off at the Hall, then I would go witnessing with the group and then be dropped home by someone. I never thought twice about it.

    BTW I was baptised at 19.

  • Sharpie

    Hey sorry about the big bump. But I was just wondering since this is the artical for today, what comments would be good to give? There is one BOY age 11 that recently got baptized. Obviously i dont want to pin point the child. But I do want to say something generic like. "We should follow Jesus's example, even though he was preaching at 12 (Luke 2:42), Jesus only got baptized when he was a mature adult"

    Any other comments would be helpful :)

  • wannabefree

    Isn't it something, we were discussing this four months before it was to be studied, I guess that is the way it is here. New light to the congregation is already "been there considered that" to the "apostate" class.

    As I was looking over this article for today's study, I was wondering the same thing. What could I say that would make people think without being too obvious. Then again, I have already had a couple of elders ask me if something is wrong, they notice a difference lately, so perhaps I should just go for it.

    Sorry Sharpie, I guess I wasn't at all helpful to you. I hope you come up with one of those subtle aha comments.

  • Babyruth

    So now, the bros. are putting on the pressure for her to get babtised. She came home this week and told her Dad that she has made arrangements with the brothers to go over babtism questions. He reminded her of his household rule: No babtism till 18yrs. by then she will we an adult and will have the maturity of an adult to make this important decision. wellllll it doesn't help when the mom is sabatoging this rule by pushing for her to get babtised. Poor guy, now he is getting the ' silent treatment' from both wife and daughter. But he says he's willing to be the 'bad guy' on this issue and will stand firm NO BABTISM TILL YOUR 18 !!

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