JW Monopoly board game LOL

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  • James_Slash


    I had to laugh when I saw this. Its called house2house. According to the review it helps true Christians, sorry, the player get used to the scriptures needed for the door-to-door work.

    You mean they don't know them already? I wonder what they have instead of fake money? Perhaps the person who wins has the most return visits or studies or MAYBE there is no winner - it could develop a competitive attitude. ;)

    Most JW's hate the door-to-door work so apart from the overly zealous, brainwashed few, I can't see many of them shelling out £25+ quid to play something which reminds them of their Saturday mornings in the freezing winter having doors slammed in their faces. All this fun will cost you $38.20 (£25.80 in UK money).

    What a joke.

  • finallysomepride

    how about jw snakes & ladders, the snake=disfellowshipping, just a thought

  • zoiks

    I never had the pleasure of playing House2House. Bummer. I do remember many spiritually refreshing and upbuilding evenings playing "Tree of Knowledge".

  • isaacaustin

    There was a game many years ago called Theopoly- serious. You got points or money for being appointed, pioneering, etc. You could get dfed or reproved. LOL Google it or ebay it.

  • JeffT

    I just read the rules, there is an interesting ommission. There is no way to win this game! Apprently you just keep circling the neighborhood forever.

    How appropriate.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    While you're browsing that same web site, take a look at the 127th class of Gilead. They're "ready to go".

  • yknot

    oh that deserves pics! http://www.ministrygallery.com/english/games.htm

    I ain't gonna 'hate' on it..... frankly I would have preferred playing this then the hours of study that was expected of me (prior to creation of WTCD)

    I think it is a creative endeavor, imagine what this person could come up with if they were mentally free!

  • nelly136

    whats with all the clenched fists in that pic?

  • yknot

    Great pic of the class....... let's call them 'Future JWN Posters in Training'

  • nelly136

    you need to get that game ynot, then you can count time from your own front room.

    hope you counted us as rv's while you were in the loo at the hall :)

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