I Challenge any JW to prove this wrong. If wrong i wll reinstate unequivocally

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  • hopeful4eva

    Back ground: been Da'd for 17 years, bio mother and step father uber Jw's, Step father Elder. Since DA'ing my mother has ALWAYS sorta kept in contact with me...until recently.

    Three years ago I started dating a guy, my bio father and step mother did not approve of. My mother loved it, she fed off it. She would invite us over (when Step daddy was away of course), and was more of a mother to me during this time. I could talk to her about anything, and she wasn't getting all upity on me and for the first time in my life I was actually feeling some love from her.

    When my bio dad and step mom saw that my relationship with my boyfriend was quite stable and not just a fling, they started to warm to him. We started doing normal family things together, going camping, having family meals and taking long weekend travelling as a famly. Well now bio mother decides she does not like this, and SLOWLY starts the shunning process again. Leaving my boyfriend bewildered as to what is going on. Opening up a whole can of worms, cause boyfriend (who at this point is agnostic), wants to know why the heck my bio mother is not talking to me, or seeing her grand-daughter. So I try the best I can to explain it to him, saying they somehow think this is scriptural. So he starts reading the bible himself, only to become a believer and to see for his own that this shunning thing is bunk.

    So as the storey continues boyfriend and I decide to get married, we decide it will be very small and out at bio dad's house. Boyfriend sends a invite out to bio mom and step dad...they do not respond. He is hurt that they do not respond, as for me...I take it for what it is.

    So Wedding day comes...a beautiful day I might add, filled with family that care and only close friends. And wedding day goes...19 days now and not so much as a card, an e mail, or a call congratulating us. Just nothing!!

    So Sunday night I spiralled into depression. Crying and feeling all so alone, thinking in my mind that this will be how it is. That my mother has completely chosen her religion over me, that I will never share my joys with her, never share my struggles with her. And yet she HAS NEVER been that person to me. Its always come with "conditions", and those "conditions" I refuse to adhere to. I cried for a mother I never really had, I cried knowing that if she does not open her eyes, this is how it will be till she dies.

    So yesterday, I was sent out on a task for work...and had to go to a store to pick up a birthday cake for my boss. As i pull up I see a man that looks so familar to me, but I just am not SURE. I walk inside the store and kind of hang by the doors, when the man turns I see it is my step father, he looks right at me, turns to my mom and says something, and my bio mother who was about to get out of the car, gets back in closes the door and drives away. For a second my heart broke, but through it all I realized that this was my closure. I had spent 3 days in bed crying my eyes out, craving a mothers love...and the final dawning that I had that, I had that through my step mother. She has been my rock through the past 17 years of my life, through all the crap through all the good...through it all!!

    I can only put the depression i felt and the sadness down to a form of mourning over my mother, and yet I know if I run into her again or see her, that everytime this happens, the wounds could reopen and I could go through this all again.

    Sometimes its hard not to let the bitterness take over, and not send her angry e mails. I know that there may be only one thing that may win her over, and that is love, unconditional love , but in even saying that...do i live in hope that she may one day open her eyes, or do I move on and think of her as dead?? I just don't know what to do!!

  • hopeful4eva

    shit sorry thought I started a new thread sooo soooo sorry!!!

  • peacedog

    To the OP:

    good post.

    I don't think you'll get any bites, though. The Society itself doesn't even try to prove the notion of a "1900-year-old faithful and discreet slave". They just claim it's so, and of course that's more than enough convincing for the brainwashed rank and file...

  • peacedog


    You might want to edit your post and remove the content and then start a new topic.


  • chrisjoel

    wobble I think I will challenge them again with your wager, if they can prove me wrong, or rather, prove their claim to the 1919 appointment right, I will return to the Congo. (The very thought of that makes me want to lose my breakfast !)

    couldnt of said it better myself! Id really hate to go back.Prepared speeches, sitting in a chair for 2hrs, looking like u enjoy it all......AND all cuz some nitwit back in 1879 thought he was going to continue the true religion. Thanks charles taze rusell. I simply find it mind boggling more JWs dont latch on to these facts as it is just impossible to avoid the fact that its all BULLSHIT. I use the word BS with the sincerest intentions.

    Hope4eva, thats ok

  • PSacramento


    This, as with other things, is a prime example of the WTBTS being their worse enemies, they set themselves up in this authoritive position because they can dismiss ( disfellowship) all that question them, all those that see the blatant errors in their own self-propoganda.

    As for the believers, well, we all wanna be part of soemthign special that makes us feel unique and different.

  • chrisjoel


    THe more i think about it the more it actually makes sense: The world has it share of crazy religions and the JWs fit right into that mix perfectly. If it had not been invented by CT RUSSELL someone else would have come up with the idea sooner or later....Be that as it may, Im not above being proved wrong. If im wrong then a JW should step up to the plate and at least invent an answer. .....

  • kurtbethel

    The WT has always had two contradictory narratives going on, and change their story of which one is so to suit their audience.

    1) There has always been an organization that God has been using for over 1900 years, preserving and teaching the truth.

    2) There was a falling away from the truth and it was individuals, each generation teaching the next that preserved it. Eventually it got corrupted with false teachings. It was restored by Russell.

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