Making Watchtower Idols Bleed

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  • ruruj

    How do you make false gods (WT) bleed?

    It is not easy, but possible ...

    Method 1:

    Inform/educate others to refuse/decline Watchtower literature and books because they are materials used by Watchtower mind control cult.

    If JWs have something to say, then let it be from the Bible only. Don't allow manipulative Bible study aids that would hook later.

    Method 2:

    Ask witnessing JWs about Watchtower issues to prove that there is no big issue in their religion.
    Some research for information required here.

    For example, Why do many youths leave your religion? Cite negative media reports, including TV shows like Dateline.

    Share/network this to your open friends, neighbors, and family. Tell them to share this idea to friendly ones as well. Of course, those who welcome the idea and/or are anti-Watchtower.

    If the Watchtower idols bleed, then the sharks will feed.

    Avoid persecution and violence.

    Any more anti-Watchtower thoughts and ideas?

  • ruruj

    No more anti-Watchtower thoughts and ideas?

    I guess no one wants to feed the sharks here .

    Many of you want to see Watchtower gone.

    Well, one of many ways to make this possible is to let JWs realize the monster literally slaving them.
    When they see that then the sharks will feed more.

    WT literature and books are controversial instruments for promoting WT propaganda. It is not a secret that JW uses all mind control methods.

    The simple fact that WT controls JW make JWs a Cult of Watchtower.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    This whole site is full of anti-witness ideas. Perhaps you need to do some research on the topic?

  • ruruj

    Let me make it very clear that this post is NOT anti-JW, not anti-witness.

    This post is against the false god Watchtower!

  • JWoods
    Let me make it very clear that this post is NOT anti-JW, not anti-witness.

    This post is against the false god Watchtower!

    Probably pointless, but I would guess that many people here are asking - what is the difference?

  • ruruj

    what is the difference?

    Watchtower is the master. JWs are the people slaves.

    An illustration: Car Companies

    When a driver loyal to a car brand gets into a bad accident, you may think it is always the driver's fault.

    Sure, he may have been drunk, not wearing seat belt, overspeeding, texting. However it has been found that this company's car product has serious defects. However in certain cases the root cause of the problem was actually the car for which the car company is liable.

    Fortunately car companies are accountable for car product defect. Unfortunately WT evades this accountability. WT policies conceal these defects, and hide the victims under the rug as dirt.

    Also, this may be illustrated most appropriately as national government (WT) and citizen (JW) relationship.

  • DaCheech

    alot of their people are leaving and their cash flow is dying.

    they are only lucky that they changed. And are now targeting foreign language people who DO NOT have the ability to research the WT trap

  • ruruj

    It seems so DaCheech, but don't you think it can pull off another comeback.

    It happened before, it can happen again.

  • goman

    Never under estimate da grinch

  • sabastious

    Be a good person while being labled an Apostate by the Organization.


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