Will this Society survive ?

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  • wobble

    I agree with Jookie,

    of course this will mean on-going problems with cash flow, so they may water down some of their more crap teachings and policies to attract more people in affluent areas, but I get the impression that the 8 present GB members , all over 60, are only interested in keeping it going in their lifetime.

    They will then hand over the problems to the new boys to sort out, without radical change being necessary during their tenure.

  • WTWizard

    As long as you have people that are gullible enough to believe in them or afraid of leaving because they will bust up families, and groups of people bent on power, the Washtowel Slaveholdery will survive. Destroy the whole Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger, and they will form another one.

  • jamiebowers

    Have you ever heard that there's a sucker born every minute?

  • Hadit

    Hello and welcome to the forum! I sure hope it won't survive but, unfortunately, for the reasons stated in the above posts I think it may be around for a while yet. Fear and mind control go a long way to make sure they will be around too.

  • NowAndThen

    Of course it will. It's a religion, afterall. It's mindboggling what survives in the name of religion - and the WT cannot even make the top 1000 among the wierdest - and they have all survived!

    And it's really not a bad thing for the WT to survive, albeit with some transformation. The Message of the Kingdom can sometimes be soporific.

  • wasblind

    I also think they will survive with a couple of TRANSFUSIONS of new doctrine.

  • exwhyzee

    The religion itself has taken on a life of it's own. At any given moment there are those who are coming in, those who are leaving, those who are in limbo and those who are being born into it. It's like sourdough bread, you have to keep a little of the dough culture from the last batch of bread alive to use as a starter for the next batch. So long as there is someone available to carry on what was started so many years ago, it will survive.

    It seems like no matter what program, idea, product or concept that comes along, there will always be a cross section of the population who will buy into it. When you think of some of the Butt Ugly cars that have been produced over the years, there was always somebody who bought them.

    I think that if you went door to door selling "white washed graves"....Someone would buy one. LOL ~

  • diamondiiz


    WTS will survive as long as governments permit their existence. They will peak as some point if not already and will decrease. They will change their doctrines to adapt to the situation being presented which at this time was the generation teaching and the next thing may be something like 1914. Large religions or cult take years to fall from their glory. WTS at present has a limited time where the end is near but when the end doesn't come in the next deccade more people will obviously will start to wonder where wts will have to adapt their teachings or face a visible decline in attendance which could have already been seen in the bookstudy and at the service meetings - which may have been the reason why they eliminated the book study. It will be harder and harder for them to gain converts as internet is gaining ground in the third world countries and people in the western lands have more sources for research than ever before. So will it survive? Yes, but not in the same form as today. I will give them 20 years max before they dump 1914 and put a MAJOR spin on it, and I don't even know what kind of spin they can put on it. Maybe leave 1914 as end of gentile times but not the presence of JC thus making the end near but the JC hasn't arrived yet thus the importance to staying close to the wts as the nearness is so much close than ever before :)

  • Gayle

    Do ex-members of other religions sit around and analyze such a question about their religion? Do Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Bhuddists, Muslim, etc, etc?

  • Tater-T


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