What was it that first got you thinking that the Society was WRONG in how they INTERPRET the BIBLE?

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  • wobble

    And then Dear Blondie, you went on to find out that the WT have not consistently taught anything.

    For me, as a "born in", I have always had issues, at least since before I reached teenage years, with how they interpreted the Bible.

    Over the years I developed my own far more rational interpretations,(perhaps rational is not the right word, as I leaned towards an allegorical reading of most of the Bible), this very gradually lead to my awakening and brisk exit from the Cult, but it took a long long time.

    If only the Internet had been invented decades earlier.

  • isaacaustin

    AlanV said:

    It was when we were studying the Revelation book and the society had the arrogance to apply just about everything in the book to themselves

    My reply: That is where I started thinking the same. I was 14 years old and sitting at the bookstudy when this dawned on me. The trumpets were the conventions at Cedar Point , OH in the 20's, and then entire world observed this? The 2 witnesses, the locusts...come on!

  • Robert7

    To me it was the worship of the GB. Every article, talk, prayer, etc would mention the GB to the point where I considered it worship. Felt so wrong.

  • BluesBrother

    As Wobble said "If only the Internet had been invented decades earlier.?" ...[sigh]

    As it was I had to wait until we were approaching the Millennium, (no - not that one) I mean the real millennium in the year 2000. It was incredible that we were coming into the 21st century and this old system was still here.. I then read some stuff about calendars and realised that all that stuff about a day for a year - time, times & half a time, was complete baloney because the subject is much more complicated than they say .

    I also got to know some decent people, ordinary folk who just cared for their family and got along with their neighbours...I could not see that a loving God would kill them just because they were not convinced that the WTS was the approach to God..

    I was pondering these questions and it suddenly hit me like a thunderbolt . It was like Archimedes eureka moment - I had to think the unthinkable ...It was just not true! none of it , the whole thing was just another religion, the product of men, not God - that is why so many things did not make sense.

    Since that day I have found out so much more but I have never had any doubt about my conclusion that day


    Copying a Catholic Translation mistake..The name Jehovah..

    Then inserting it into every available place in the bible..

    Replacing words with WBT$ Buzz Words..

    "Grace" was replaced with "Undeserved Kindness"..

    The WBT$ Bible,is not a Bible..

    It`s a book re-Written by the WBT$,to support the WBT$..


  • 5thGeneration

    Realizing that it is impossible and makes no sense anymore to me that the 144,000 is a literal number.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    For me, it was the way they demonized all worldly people as being fit for destruction. It didn't mesh with my own experience.

    I also had troube with the idea that God would destroy all of them at Armageddon, and that their survival hinged on how they responded when JWs came to their door.

  • Leolaia

    A lot of things, but especially when I first read commentaries to see how exegesis is done, and then saw how Watchtower books like Babylon the Great Has Fallen do nothing of the sort but simply read Watchtower history into the text as a sort of key to read the text by. Then when the Revelation Climax book was released, I saw how superficial and eisegetical its interpretations were.

  • rocketman

    The comments thus far have touched on several issues that I had - the strange interpretations of Revelation, the failed dates stemming all the way back to the late 1800s. I'll add that the interpretations of some of Jesus' parables didn't make sense. They recently changed some of their 'understanding' in regard to Matthew 13, but their conclusions still are all WTS-oriented, as is the case with just about all their prophetic applications.


    I must have missed something.

    Is there a right way to interpret the bible?

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