Why so defensive? (CHRISTIANS ONLY)

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  • besty

    palm - she said it was a good thing evolution was being removed from textbooks - to me that is an invitation to ask why.

    she then changed the subject to the Big Bang - not a concept for the faint-hearted. And she started a defense of a viewpoint on that.

    She then crashed and burned with minimal input from me.

    Like I say, I didn't bully her or intimidate her. Maybe I was a little bit confrontational....

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    It is sad to see so many Christians refuse to even look at the scientific evidence.

    In addition, she shot herself in the foot without even realizing it by denying the Big Bang.

    The Big Bang is one of the biggest things that "more scientifically-enlightened" modern Christians are using to try to show that there WAS A GOD that caused the Big Bang to happen. ("If there was a beginning, there had to be something that caused the beginning")

    I am a Christian dedicated to Jesus, my God and Savior, and I always try to keep an open mind and examine all the evidences available.

    Reading books from Francis Collins (who believes that God set evolution in motion), Norman Geisler (who definitely believes in the Big Bang), Victor Reppert, and of course, C.S. Lewis, has changed me from being a narrow-minded Christian (like I was 7 or 8 years ago) to an open minded one.

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    AGuest - Christians are prepared to make a defense of their faith at any opportunity - yes?

    Heck no, dear Besty (and, again, peace to you!). That is yet another fallacy about "christians." Surely, you realize that there are MANY professed "christians," who can't answer with any intelligence as to how and why they are "christians," other than to say, "Well, because I believe in Jeezus and he is my Lord," or even "I got baptized 'cause I had to to sing in the choir."

    And welcome that opportunity - yes?

    Absolutely NOT! I have worked with a LOT of folks over the years to profess to be "christians"... yet, you'd better NOT start a conversation about religion. What church you go to, sure... God, maybe... "Jesus"... depends. Religion... uh-uh...

    Not that I had actually got to her faith at all, we were still discussing where she liked to get her scientific information from.

    That's not entirely accurate, dear Besty: you were discussing the school board's "lack of control"... for wanting to remove evolution from the Bible... and found yourself astounded that she didn't immediately respond, "Like, okkaayyyyy?? Yeah, is UP with that?!"... because she is a licensed attorney. You thought you were going to have a "altitudinal" conversation with her on the subject because she's "educated." When that didn't occur, when it didn't turn out like YOU thought it would... though it should... your opinion of her plummeted like a rocket entering earth's atmostphere (a little "science" analogy, there - ). And now you want folks here to reassure you that you did nothing wrong.

    But everyone's really missing the point: the subject isn't the issue. It was how you broached it: you WERE being confrontational AND provocative ("Hey, let's see what SHE'S made of...")... and arrogant. I stand by my statement that, in light of the fact that you really didn't know this lady... you were rude... and out of line. You don't ambush people like that... unless, of course, you're from California where, apparently it's perfectly okay to do so .

    But I agree that anything I did to create an 'atmosphere' over dinner at a friends house was bad form on my part.

    Thank you! But you then added insult to the injury... by coming here and asking us to side with you and justify/excuse YOUR bad form by speaking ill of HER. Er?!!

    I misread her ability to cope -

    Which is her fault, right?

    I thought she was more than capable (and willing) to engage in some lively discussion.

    Because she's an attorney?? What in the WORLD does that have to do with anything? Are there no Bible-thumping attorneys in Texas? Alabama? Louisiana? Chicago? SERIOUSLY???

    You ambushed her, plain and simple... and now want full exoneration. I would be lying to you, though, if I didn't say you were a bit of a cad.

    BUT... you didn't offend ME... and had it been me, we would most probably have had quite a lively... and "enlightening" (for YOU - ) discussion!!

    I bid you peace, dear Besty, and perhaps a Miss Manners class - ... if you can find one here in Cali!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


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    Came into this thread to see why only Christians are allowed to read and comment.

    Can't see why but okay, bye and have fun.

  • besty
    Came into this thread to see why only Christians are allowed to read and comment. Can't see why but okay, bye and have fun.

    I always wanted my own thread that said CHRISTIANS ONLY

    I had seen quite a few of them but never had one myself - like a hungry lion on a slow day in Rome :-)

  • besty

    AGuest - a lot of words to tell me I'm a rude, arrogant cad.

    My wife tells me that most days :-)

    But then she is atheist, not a Christian like your good self.

    I don't want exoneration here - I want Christians to tell me why she folded like a wet newspaper.

    Maybe I should ask Concerned Women Of America.

  • yknot


    Shrug it off......

    Every Texan I talked today basically made the same inital remarks......

    She wasn't expecting comeback from you, to most (not all) Texans evolution= evil.

    They are happy with the board's outcome, besides every public school science teacher I had and know doesn't cover that chapter anyway.

    The standing rule is that if a student wants to read it ....have at it but the teacher isn't covering it in exams.

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    a lot of words to tell me I'm a rude, arrogant cad.

    You're right, dear Besty (again, peace to!). She folded because she was caught off guard with the question and subject. That is NOT to say that she wouldn't have folded otherwise (i.e., had she seen/known it [was] coming, but I don't think so. I think she would have TRIED to explain what she thought she thought about evolution and the big bang. And I'm not saying that her 'splanation would have been reasonable or rational... even remotely believable. But that wasn't my point.

    My point is that this really wasn't about her folding... but about your ambushing her so that she really didn't have much choice. And which is a tactic I would totally expect to see from a JW (particularly some elder/CO type)...

    I bid you peace.

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


  • tec

    I think its kind of funny that since you assumed she was intelligent and educated, that she must certainly think like you.

    (I'm teasing you. Sort of. Okay, mostly, I'm poking fun. But in a lighthearted, goodnatured way )


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