Are You Keeping Up with the NEW LIGHT?

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  • UnDisfellowshipped

    I sure hope djeggnog decides to participate in this thread. Look at some of the great upbuilding comments he made in another thread: (And remember he is an active JW "Elder")

    My hope is that by my presence here -- and I'm just one man -- some here will get to learn what the Bible teaches and not what they understood a particular article taught or what the elders in the Kingdom Halls they used to attend believed to be the truth, because the truth is found in the Bible and not in our publications.

    I hope everyone is hearing me will understand that when I say here that the truth is not in our publications, what I'm saying is that our publications are not written under divine inspiration, and certainly not by infallible people. The proof of this is that the WTS always needs to make an adjustment to one of the doctrines we teach, like the adjustment in our understanding of "this generation" at Matthew 24:34 (why?) because our beliefs are not static, and we humbly realized that we were mistaken in our view on this, and so we printed an article to keep us all united in faith and speaking in agreement.

    Some here, like you, @Undisfellowshipped, seem to derive enjoyment from posting old articles that contain information in them that they think Jehovah's Witnesses believe, and think they are right about what some Jehovah's Witnesses believe, even those we may no longer embraced such beliefs, which tells me that maybe they didn't know the truth and never did know it (sorry @Undisfellowshipped, but based solely on the things you said in this thread, I really believe this to be true about you). In this very thread, I did a kind of "commentary" on Hebrews chapters 1 and 2, and what I wrote was based on the truth as I know it, and not on something written in one of our publications (Why?) because for one thing, the truth is progressive, and, secondly, like I've already stated, an article written six months ago will often contain one thing or two in it that the worldwide association of brothers had to abandon because it was not based on truth.

  • ziddina

    "an article written six months ago will often contain one thing or two in it that the worldwide association of brothers had to abandon because it was not based on truth.

    Oh, that's hilarious!!! So, their "truth" has a six-month shelf-life...


  • bible brain
    bible brain

    Bow Down Before You Bow Down Wave Bow Down Together
    When you have all stopped bowing down to the watchtower and start reading God's word the bible again, you will never find the truth!

    The truth can NEVER be found in the watchtower, the proof of this, is the years of swapping and changing their teachings.

    God's word does NOT change and has had the same teachings and thoughts over the last 6 thousand years.

    If you are looking for NEW light, New INSIGHT into God's plans for out future, then please read the journals from the true faithful and discreet servant.


  • Essan

    Here some "New Light".

    At one time the Society taught that the cut off for the anointed class was 1935. People who claimed anointing after that, especially the further from 1935 they were, and they younger they were, were treated very badly in the Congs. They were treated as outcasts and loonys, because "The Society Says" they couldn't be anointed, because "The Society Says" the heavenly calling ended in 1935. Several rather dismissive and unhelpful comments were made about these ones in the in the literature over the years, casting further doubt - to put it mildly - on the possibility that these ones could be anointed.

    Then, as time went on and "The Generation" doctrine was under increasing pressure, the Society found that it had almost no viable interpretations left with which to preserve the doctrine in some form.

    So they decided to use the young anointed - the formerly sneered at and doubted young anointed who didn't fit the Society's 1935 cut off teaching - to save the day. Now these ones are used to hold up the disintegrating Generation doctrine. Now they are vital, so now they are accepted, because they can be made use of.

    Praise Jehovah for this wonderful "New Light"

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Wow! talk about the rafter in the eye scenario.

  • carvin

    I try to keep up with all the new light, that is why I'm on JWD.

    Most JW can't keep up with all their new light....if only they would come here to.

  • ZeusRocks

    On the other side of the country I still have some family members in so I try to keep up with the new light, but they keep flipping the switch.

  • Heaven

    Is noo light lite the same thing as 'increased' lite?

    I like it when the old discarded lite is regurgitated as noo lite. You can't make that stuff up... well, except in WTS-land.

    The latest generation lite is gagging a lot of people ... and dulling down many others. Not sure there's any 'increase' happening with that latest piece of fiction.

  • ziddina

    " God's word does NOT change and has had the same teachings and thoughts over the last 6 thousand years. ..."

    Ah, Bible Brain, the bible is actually only around 3,500 years old...

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Some more "New Light" since 1990:

    * The Nethinem ("Chosen Ones" of the Great Crowd who get to be "Helpers" of the Governing Body at Bethel, and can even write the publications).

    * Three Different Explanations of "This Generation that will not pass away" (One in 1995, one in 2008, and one in 2010)

    * A New Understanding of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ.

    * A New Understanding (or two) of the Temple that Ezekiel saw in his vision.

    * A New Understanding of the New Covenant.

    * A New Understanding of the "Disgusting Thing that Stands in the Holy Place"

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