Is evolution really scientific

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  • Merkaba

    I would certainly agree that almost every single argument that Club-J Dub proposes is completely mongoloid - however, there are differences between microevolution (evolution within a species) and macroevolution (evolution from one species to the next). There is a very large amount of evidence to support microevolution, but I'm not sure if there is so much evidence on macro. I would just venture a guess in saying that everything that Club J-Dub says is total nonsense and that the evolutionists are much closer to defining reality than then WTBTS.


  • Merkaba

    Oh, and by the way, I think that everything in this universe evolves - including consciousness. This is branching off of the current topic, though, and moving into a more philosophical realm...

  • ZeusRocks

    My goodness. Do they not realise that all they are doing is embarrasing themselves with this. Obviously they are either intentionally deceiving their followers or they have some very bias and lazy researchers. It doesn't take much to find the answer that evolution is a fact and that theory is aspect is only what the exact mechanism is. If they researched further they would find that things do pop in and out of existence all on their own.

    I'm so glad to be free from all this rubbish.

  • bohm

    Merkaba: Evolution between two species has been observed many times.

    The claim is usually countered by arguing the species definition is fuzzy. thats true, but in that case it remains a challenge for creationist to define what is meant by a species and which (supposedly) cannot happend; before they rise to that challenge, it is a fact speciation has been observed.

    They will never do that, ofcourse, because it would open the can of worms that is noahs ark.

    BTS: Good point.

  • BurnTheShips
    however, there are differences between microevolution (evolution within a species) and macroevolution (evolution from one species to the next).

    No there aren't any differences. They are the same thing. What you call macroevolution is merely the result of many small instances of microevolution.

    It's like a boat slowly drifting away from a pier. You see it drift slowly over a minute, and call the change in position "micro."

    However, if you wait a few days, the boat will be miles away. You call this "macro."

    Yet the macro is merely the result of a long succession of micros.


  • ziddina

    Jack Car [yeah, I get it, CarJack...], that video is SO 'old news'...

    The comment at approx. 2:07, "It sounds obvious now, but what the average investor didn't know at the time, was that the banks had changedg the rules of the game, making the deals look better than they actually were..."

    What, these people never heard of "salting the mine"???

    This kind of crap has been going on for THOUSANDS of years, and that old saying, "Caveat emptor", still applies...

    There will always be fools willing to buy into "pyramid" schemes, whether the 'pyramid' be a shady financial deal or a false religious prophecy...

    I'm all through being off-topic, now...

    Interestingly, the predatory nature of financial wheeling and dealing can be seen as a 'type' of evolutionary progression. In much the same way as the "arms escalation" within the animal kingdom; devious financial predators have to continually come up with counter-moves to the legal efforts to block such destructive, parasitic financial 'leeches'...

    Evolution in action in human affairs, again...


  • Dogpatch

    Actually, while the evolution of species is pretty slow by man's standards, the evolution of God (tracing historical views of God through the aqes, and especially from the intertestamental time when Christianity borrowed from multiple pagan sources for their new theology) has advanced quite rapidly!

    God evolves!!


  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Very interesting point Randy. I never thought of it that way (God evolving) , although I have noticed religion evolving. When I told my JW parents that the Christian religion had evolved out of Judaism, you should have seen how they visibly stiffened at my use of the word "evolve". Such a dirty word. Wash my mouth out with soap!

  • Gerard

    Is evolution really scientific?

    Does DNA really code for proteins?

    Hereditary traits really hapen?

    Have people really recorded mutatons?

    Is the WT a really sTOopid cult?

  • chickpea
    we must personally examine the evidence to see which we should believe—evolution or creation

    i have done just that....
    and look where i ended up!!!!!!


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