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  • Quandry

    Welcome, Merkaba

    Join the ranks of many who have survived the organization known for "love amongst themselves." Too many have been the recipients of their brand of "love."

    The upside is, you are free. What you must do now is strive to look forward. Be the kind of person that you admire, and live the "better life" that you deserve.(This, of course, is advice that I struggle with myself)

    I am with the person that said to love your mother. I speak as one who no longer has one, and the time will come all too soon that you won't either, as we most certainly all WILL grow old and die. She may have been so indocrinated that she did what she thought she must from the JW standpoint. I hope things will improve between the two of you.

  • wasblind

    Hello Merkaba, and welcome

  • wannabefree

    Great to have you here! Welcome! Keep up the great progress.

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