My Story - Abbreviated but still way too long

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  • Gayle

    Wow, you have proven to be quite the "Survivor" through all that disfunction, religion and other experiences, quite compounded. Now, you are quite a stabilized person, grounded with good immediate family and your education, your mind and conscience. It is admirable that your many experiences in your youth did not 'break' you. Unfortunately, sadly, your brothers are continuing their disfunction on to their children now. Through your "life" reality you realized the religion wasn't going to help your life.

    Glad you found this site and I hope you read "Crisis of Conscience" by Ray Franz. With his research, he clearly shows the "organizational" reality and how and why it is destructive at its selfish hub and incapable of truly helping people in their lives.

    So many best wishes to your family.

  • Soldier77

    Whank you for sharing your story. It was very deep. So sorry your family has been abusive to you, but so glad you have your own to support you.

  • tim hooper
    tim hooper

    Amazing story here too. I also feature in it to a limited extent.

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