Today is Our Special Day

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  • cattails

    Congrats, but at first look at the title of this thread I thought you meant your Special Day "Assembly", hehee hee!

  • Snoozy

    Congratulations you two!

    Nice to hear from you again.


  • cloudy2010

    congrat!! hope all of us lead a happy life

  • Snoozy

    And Happy Birthday Yizuman on the 14th? if we don't hear from you before then..


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  • mouthy

    Yiz!!!! I am holding up O.K. Very very busy,with disobediant grandkids & great grand kids,
    My daughter & one of her kids is still in the WT so shuns me...Glad your happy....keep on keeping on...

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle


    The Oracle

  • Yizuman

    Snoozy!!!! You remembered my b-day!!! Thank you!!!

    Mouthy!!! Glad you're grandkids are FREE compared to being shackled as slaves to the WT!

    We had a great day. I surprised her with flowers...

    I got her a new dress for the fall to keep her somewhat warm from the cool days.....

    Then I asked my wife what she wanted for our special day, strange as it sounds, it's her day, so she gets what she wants. She asked for Sliders from White Castle, she had the major cravings for them and hasn't had them for a long time..

    as well as Onion Chips .

    Then for dinner, she wanted Pizza. So I got her a Tombstone Pizza (Supreme)

    Even though since she's a renal patient, she's not supposed to have all those heavy stuff, but the doctor said it's ok with moderation.

    Then I had a coupon for a free movie from Redbox, so I asked what movie she wanted to watch, of course, a chick flick, we watched Leap Year

    So we watched while holding hands and had a good time.

    Then I had these coupons that I had saved for this special occassion, so I went to Mickey D's and got her a Strawberry/Banana Smoothie and myself a Frappie Mocha for free. I surprised her with the Smoothie and she loved it.

    Finally we ended our day with lots of hugs and cuddles as well as kisses.

    Here's us.....

    Thanks to all for the awesome comments....

    Here's to the 5th next year!!


  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    That is so sweet. What a beautiful dress, flowers and couple! Happy anniversary. NMKA

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