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  • VampireDCLXV

    Wow, quite a welcoming comittee here! Thanks all you guys. It's nice to be noticed. I made a little oopsie, clicking the "Submit" buttton before titling my thread.

    Without further ado:


    Thanks for being the"lead horse" on the welcome wagon. (((hugs))) The first welcome on any forum is always appreciated. Sorry to hear about your little injury. I've had more that my fair share of stitches over my lifetime.


    I didn't mean to make you cry. Hugs for you too. (((hugs))) All of this is just matter-of -fact and "water under the bridge" for me now. I suppose that I just ran out of tears to cry long ago. But I appreciate it so much that you (and others) were touched by my story. Of course this isn't even the half of it. BTW, I do have that book on my shelf. I'm reading it a little at a time as my attetion span allows.

    @Little Imp

    I've heard compliments on my writing before. Thank you all the same. Always appreciated. It's my gift, I guess. On a sidenote: ADHD doesn't necessarily make you dumb. Many ADDers (if not the majority) are highly intelligent, but, traditional schooling and disciplinary methods don't really work for them. That's why they fall behind. Things are slowly hanging for the better for kids in school now.


    It seems to me we have a few things in common. You make lots of interesting obsevations. About mom and the ADHD thing; my folks knew early on that there was something wrong but no one could tell us what. I didn't hear about this condition until I was finishing up highschool. Even then, there was no help for ADHD in my locality, only for depression. Of course the rest of the cong didn't know and didn't care. They were just happy to moralize and give useless advice.


  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!


    Yes, your story is very familiar with me and many on this board. As you continue to post you will find kind and loving advice, much as you would expect from the "true" christian cong. That is also exactly why I left, they claim to show love like no other organization, but do nothing but gossip, slander, and show favoritisim to certain ones.

    Continue to post and you will find unconditional friends, maybe some even close to you. I have met a few posters on here that go to my meet up group for ex jw's. Have patience and things will work out for you.

  • jamiebowers

    Welcome Vampire! Are you a True Blood fan? Your story sounds eerily similar to many other born ins. Also I wanted to mention that somewhere in my research about ADHD for my stepson several years ago, I read that kids with ADHD often times become bi-polar in adulthood. Find a good doctor, and you will find relief for whatver your condition may be. Stick around here, and you will make friends with like minds.

  • cyberjesus

    welcome blood sucker! make yourself at home!

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    Welcome. I didn't read your story. I usually don't read anything longer than 10 sentences.

    Almost anyone can find a niche here. Just beware of the idiots and retards. It won't take long for them to make themselves known. You'll figure out who they are

  • Chalam

    Welcome VampireDCLXV!

    An interesting read, thanks for posting :)

    I haven't given up my belief in God but right now we're not on speaking terms.

    "jehovah god" doesn't have anything to say for himself, after all he is a mute idol and a counterfeit.

    God will be speaking to you even if you have nothing to say right now. He is a nice guy so keep your ears open :)



  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Vamp........welcome to the forum buddy. This should be a nice social place for you.

    Think About It

  • wasblind

    Welcome Vampire,

    Darkside says: "Just beware of the idiots and retards." enought with the name calling DS.

    Posting Guideline #1

  • palmtree67

    Thank you for trusting us with your story!

    Welcome, I think you will be a real asset here!

    Peace to you,


  • thenoblelodge

    Hello and welcome, enjoy your stay.

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