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  • wobble

    Dear Alicia,

    As a student you will no doubt be discussing Medical Ethics.

    If you get to discuss the JW's and their belief about the medical use of blood, it would be good to make your fellow students aware that JW's are not allowed to consider an alternative view on the doctrine,and so how can their decision be an informed choice ?

    When you and your fellow students qualify you should not hesitate to make sure that JW's , especially children of JW's, get the best treatment they can, even if you have to get a Court Order or simply override their wishes.

  • Titus


    Are you OK, Nathan?

  • carla

    As a nursing student you absolutely must be aware of the blood policies re:jw's see you should also be aware that jw's who work in the medical field do not follow privacy laws (HIPPA in the US) meaning they will report to the elders if a jw needs to see a Dr. for something they deem to be a sin or for example a STD, pregnancy, etc...

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Titus asked, "Nazis? Are you OK, Nathan?"

    Sehr gut, danke. und Ihnen?

    You might get out your Radionics machine and test again my statement, Titus. I didn't say that JWs were Nazis, flying saucer cultists or schizophenics. I made a comparison of the worn out WATCHTOWER "fairness plea" to the same argument being used by other wack-job groups.

    JWs say, "Don't listen to our critics; listen to our carefully massaged PR pages on our website, where we use weasel-wordsand obfuscate the issues."

    Well, American Nazis, flying-saucer cultists and schizophrenics can make a similar "fairness plea," and making the comparison as I did show just how lame the JW "fairness plea" is.

    As an EX-JW, I encourage EVERYONE to consider ALL the evidence. Read the historical record of failed Watchtower prophecies, experience firsthand their way the WTB&TS practices revisionist history. People leave The WATCHTOWER for many reasons, most of them GOOD REASONS.

    Get to know the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH!

    Guten tag, Titus!

  • straightshooter

    Nathan I agree totally with your post, The WTS insists that the only way to know what jw believe to to talk ONLY to them, but I love your illustration about the Nazis. It is good to get all sides of an issue to get the complete picture.

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