More on 'trojan horse' installed by Watchtower on Jehovah's Witness' minds

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    An elder once said to me with a smile, "If I've been brainwashed, that means I have a clean mind."

    So if you had a chance to talk with a JW you'd never met before, how would you approach the task of getting them to think critically?

    You were an elder, right?

    How did you manage to escape the mind control?

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    For some reason, the openning post cannot be seen when using Internet Explorer. Neither can the comments that followed.

    Good thing the title itself was interesting enough to make me want to work harder to see it~!!

    Now will go back and read the article.



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    Yes, I was an elder for 8 years.

    Here is a detailed post about my transition out, including information about the reasons why I left:

    Basically it was my brother's death and the treatment the family received from the congregation. He had been disfellowshipped two weeks prior to his death, but the BOE made serious errors in the JC. He was a ministerial servant, in a matter of 3 weeks, he lost everything, including his life. They had local needs talk about not support the family, and the elders were after me and my brother (investigating us) for comments we said. That was soo wrong, it got me to ask questions. So I ordered a bunch of books. For more details, look here:

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