jw inlaws cant visit us because we dont live near anywhere that they visit !

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  • looloo

    hi all, ive not posted for a while ,but my mother told me that recently she saw my non practising ex elder fatherin law who still believes in "the truth" im married to his disfellowshipped son and we have a lovely little girl who they have not seen for 18 months despite living just a half hour drive away, anyway my mother told him that i had said him and his die hard jw wife would be most welcome to come and see us and the grandaughter they claim to be heartbroken about not seeing anymore since we left town and to just give us a ring first ! he replied " well that will be a bit difficult because they dont live anywhere near where we visit !" my mother was too stunned to reply ! i wondered if this is a standard response to be invited to a disfellowshipped son and his apostate thinking wifes house ! i do know that the only time they did visit us that they had been to visit a jw friend in the area first , i presume this was so that if anyone asked where they had been they could convieniantly miss out the bit about visiting us so they would not be in trouble for visiting us ! but they expect us to visit them is this because they can say "well we cant stop them coming to out house but we will not go to their home " the problem of course is jehovah would know wherever you had been to visit but the elders despite being "directed by holy spirit " would not know ! the annoying thing is they tell folk that i dont let them see my child which is not true ! it is theywho chose the guys in america that they probably couldnt even name over a lovely little girl who says "i cant remember what grandad and grandmas faces look like " why dont they come to see me ? its a very cruel religion that does that to a child ! and ive finally realised i dont want people so brainwashed in my childs life and she is better off without them , i dont even think their son would attend their funerals because of them rejecting him and his innocent child , which has to be the most dreadfull thing a child could say about his parents , i pity them !

  • Soldier77

    I'm having a hard time reading that without punctuation, but I'm sorry that they are giving you that crap. Like I told a JW "friend" this week who was trying to "encourage" me to come back to the meetings, "with friends like you, who needs enemies?"

  • looloo

    lol sorry about the punctuation , i clean peoples bottoms for a living im afraid so good grammer is not my strong point especially when im in a rush !

  • nelly136

    a lovely little girl who says "i cant remember what grandad and grandmas faces look like " why dont they come to see me ?

    give it a bit longer and she'll probably forget they exist, its so much easier if they butt out totally when kids are young enough to forget.

  • fokyc

    Typical JW behaviour, very sad for all of you.

    Don't worry about the punctuation or lack of it, the story is just the same

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    That makes me heart sick .....but we see it in our family also .

    Witnesses make up stupid reasonings in their heads to justify ill treatment of family .Then turn it around to make others feel sorry for them ,priceless and pointless.

  • jamiebowers

    Be glad they're staying away. At least you don't have to deal with them trying to indoctrinate your daughter from birth!

  • sass_my_frass

    You're all better off without them! But that doesn't make it hurt any less.

    It gets better with time. Mostly.

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