Too much of a good thing examples in the Organization?

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  • skywho


  • skywho

    lights that get brighter and brighter

  • WTWizard

    Austerity. Everything about them is austere. They can't seem to allow anyone to have any fun. Not bad enough that they don't celebrate recurring holidays. But, they won't even allow people a proper rite of passage. Take baptism, supposedly the most important day in someone's life. All you get on that "most sacred day" is a dunk in a pool with maybe 20 or 30 observers, a little mild applause, and MAYBE a few presents or dinner (which the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger really doesn't like). To me, that is taking austerity to the extreme.

    Tacky clothing. Suits of this colorare definitely tacky, as are suits of this color, this color, this color, or any of those sickening colors they make you wear. The dresses appear to be cheap crap, as do most of the ties (not the real good stuff you would expect to find on business people). Most of the bags the witlesses carry in are also quite tacky--unless you are willing to spend $120 or so on a bag that is designed specifically for business people, which most of them don't.

  • wobble

    "Too many smiles" said Cult Classic.

    I remember when I was very young back in the early 1950's seeing a picture in a newspaper, taken of the audience at one of the large conventions, and I thought then that they looked the most miserable crowd I had ever seen, not one smile, or even happy looking face.

    The false smiles are not there when you catch them candidly.

    Too many crap "Experiences" in the Mag/rags and at assemblies, they weren't believable. (most weren't true)

  • Pistoff

    Too much use of the word "individuals" instead of people, or persons.

    You know, 'indaviduals'.

    Makes me cringe.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    overuse of "ones"... i.e. "wicked ones," "lazy ones," "disobedient ones" ..... etc. ... that makes me cringe

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