Does the CO visit inactive ones during his visit?

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  • WTWizard

    It depends. You get a hounder-hounder that does nothing for a while. Then, one day a new hounder-hounder shows up, and the whole roll of inactive witlesses is turned upside down. Or, the hounder-hounder-hounder will issue the order to the hounder-hounders to start calling on everyone that hasn't gone to a boasting session in a while, regardless of how long it has been. Or, the lead hounder will see fit to dredge up something and start harassing inactive witlesses (so they can't be left alone) after they had been let be for 10 years or more.

    Or, some dingbat publisher--usually a pio-sneer or assistant hounder trying to be a hounder--will single out one publisher and start nagging the hounders to drag that publisher back into the cancer after several years. If that doesn't work, this idiot will "remind" the hounder-hounder, or take matters into his own hands and start hounding the inactive publisher himself.

  • NiceDream

    Hmmmm, we were visited last month by an elder and the secretary and I said we were busy. They seemed taken aback. Maybe that was my test and we're on the fader list can hope.

  • baltar447

    Had this happen once. I was well liked by our CO, and he came by for a visit with a couple of brothers, he was very warm and nice. He was my favorite CO. What I heard later though, made me sick to my stomach. Not about the CO though. I am hesitant to tell the story because if I did someone might be able to identify me. I really wouldn't mind telling someone, so if anyone is really interested PM me and I'll tell you.

  • fokyc

    In 2003 a CO visited me and asked about my inactivity,

    he agreed that the way elders had tackled a problem was wrong!

    AND I was due an apology from the body of elders!

    I never had an apology, and I'm still inactive.

    Since then the elders have destroyed my records and claim they do not know me!

  • wobble

    The present C.O was only just on our circuit when we left, (did we suffer 2 visits ?) he did not have a clue who I was when I was there, so I think I am safe from him.

    The last visit I got was the two Elder "lets hang the Apostasy charge on him" visit, the one where they already have the DF'ing Form in their pocket.

    They couldn't find anything to charge me with, so that was it. nothing since Tee Hee.

    That was over two years ago.

    If any of 'em want to visit I would welcome it now, especially a C.O , I am ready with my question about the 1919 appointment of the FDS etc !

  • sir82

    Circuit Overseers definitely make it a point to visit publishers who are either inactive or cannot attend meetings due to ill health or are in nursing homes.

    The COs provide training to local elders on how to make encouraging shepherding calls. The CO usually instruct the elders to use the section of the

    Reasoning Book entitled "Encouragment."


    So tell me, what color is the sky in your world?

    CO's "training" consists of the Friday night elders' meeting, where they run through the Society's outline and then dispute about who is/isn't nominated for elder/MS.

    Any talk of "shepherding" or "sheep" usually takes the form of beratement, as in "you know, you brothers wouldn't have so many problems here if you took your shepherding more seriously."

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