Prop 8....

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  • What-A-Coincidence

    time for a circle jerk

  • Scott Terry
    Scott Terry

    Okay...gotta branch off into this discussion. I write a blog for about my experience as a gay man in the Kingdom Hall, and just because I happen to be a gay dude who lives in California, I created an art piece on Prop8. I'm fed up to the top of my bald head with religion being allowed to dictate how everyone else should live. I had enough of that with the Witnesses......So, as long as someone has started this topic, I thought I'd post a link to my art piece. It's been suggested that I will be going to hell for doing this, but thanks to my years in the Kingdom Hall, I know that there ain't no such thing as hell. Anyway, I used pages torn from the Bible and the Book of Mormon to create this, along with a whole bunch of YesOn8 yard signs.....hope you all enjoy it. Well, not everyone will enjoy it, the dude who referred to me as a fag, for example. But the rest of you might see some humor in this. Just click on the Prop8 Art tab, or on the Freeminds Blog tab for a link to my blog on Hope you all stop by and read it, and thanks for letting me share.

  • flipper

    I hope the supreme court upholds the first judges decsion to approve gay & lesbian marriage. It's a personal decision between two consenting adults which government should NOT legislate ! If the religious fundy's will pay more attention to their flocks in their churches - perhaps gay marriage will be legalized in many states. I doubt it- but one can always hope. One thing for sure : The Bible belt in middle America and deep South will be the last ones boarding THAT train

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