Exchange of Literature between God's Organization and Babylon The Great

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  • NeonMadman

    I think it is just one of the urban legends that circulate endlessly throughout the org. I remember hearing several times as much as 40 years ago that it was not uncommon for clergymen in Christendom to get copies of the Watchtower and then crib material from it for their sermons. The implication was that the "spiritual food" in the magazines was of such high quality that even the evil clergy recognized it as a good source of ideas. Now that I have interacted with a fair number of churches, I'm quite confident in saying that any pastor, at least in an evangelical church, who was found to be getting his sermon material from the Watchtower, would almost certainly be quickly relieved of his duties.

  • inbetween

    no personal experience, but second hand from somebody in my congo, heard it quite a few times, different occasions, were pastors used material from WT for their sermons.

    hm, thinking about it, I did not ask, how he used it ? Did he use it as an example for false teaching ? who knows...

    anyway most brothers viewed it as an additional way of distributing the content of the mags...

    btw. literature exchange: I remember as a little boy, my mom (a JW) received from a neighbor, who was an adventist, one of their books, she kept if for a few days (I guess to be polite) and I peeked in it. apparently this book was designed for talking to JW.

    still remember what it said about the "great crowd" in Rev. 7, that there is the same word in Rev. 19, were this crowd is in heaven. This bugged me for a long time, because in my mind I could not really refute it...

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