Newest Video; Is Jehovah Planning on Killing My Children...

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  • Tuesday

    Thought everyone here would enjoy my latest video, I even put a shout out here due to the overwhelming response I got to my thread about Jehovah killing babies in Armageddon. I just had an epiphany to do this video, I hope it's as powerful as I think it is....

    I'll get back to making silly JW related T-Shirts soon enough.

  • MrFreeze

    She looks exactly like my niece. So adorable.

    Of course she is pure evil and needs to be killed at the Big A for all the bad things she has done.

  • Tuesday

    Is this my Brother Michael?


    She did stick her fingers into the brownies I made today while stuck at home with her sick little brother, so I guess that deserves a death sentence.

  • MrFreeze

    Haha no, but you're the kind of reasonable person I wouldn't mind having in my family.

  • jwfacts

    Great kids.

    Those quotes make God sound so evil. I love the comment about Jehovah the Great God of Justice and then the next paragraph about killing virgins and children.

  • Tuesday

    21CrossCheck21 put in a great comment with a scripture that contradicts all those articles which is nice. I always say that I love half of the bible, unfortunately there's the whole other half that I need to contend with.

    I know it's somewhat hack using my kids, but every time people see them they say how gorgeous they are, how well behaved they are, how they are so happy etc. I wanted to really put a face on the idea that God would be killing children for the sins of their parents. While they may hate me, you know since I'm a wicked apostate and one who has literally caused 350 people to leave "the truth" in their eyes I am the worst kind of sinner. I want them to have to look at my children and say "according to what I believe God will be killing you for your jerk of a father".

    Either this will get them to think, or it will increase my number of death-threats to more than 16 LOL.

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan


    Thanks for nothing, Tim. Because of yours and PT's videos on YouTube, now my kids are in danger too.

    Add it to your guilty consciousness tab ...

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