R.Franz "Christian Freedom" Bk - Misuse of Disfellowshipping -WT Hypocrisy

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  • flipper

    Figured I'd bump this up for newbies or anyone who might have missed it. Thanks, all comments welcome ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    Another recent one I thought newbies might enjoy about what Ray Franz wrote. All comments welcome

  • aniron

    The same can be said about those of us who Disassociated.

    You get treated just the same.

    Makes you mad when you read such lying comments by JWs - "Anyone is free to leave, no problem."

    Tell that to those whose families no longer talk to them.

  • flipper

    ANIRON- Exactly. I agree with you. Actually these days Dfed, Dissassociated AND Inactive faders are ALL getting shunned equally in many instances. The WT society and GB are really cracking the whip on rank and file members to shun any of us on the outside of the JW cult. Nobody is allowed to leave scot free. Shunning of some sort always occurs. Those of us who are shunned by our families really feel it. It hurts badly

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