Poem for SevenofNine

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  • spectromize

    Here it is, it's called,


    Dear SevenofNine,
    You look mighty fine,
    Walking a mile you say,
    In your gucci's, I may?,

    My legs are kind of scary,
    As a matter of fact quite hairy,
    Wouldn't look good in gucci's,
    Wouldn't want any coochie coochies,

    I understand what your saying,
    Too many people playing,
    Likewise would bug me,
    They just couldn't see,

    The heart is where it's at,
    No matter if your ugly, short or fat,
    As long as your not like a rat,
    The heart is where it's at.

  • Seven

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Spectromize!! Hey, you're good. I was having a really miserable day until I read that. I printed it out and it's on my refrigerator. You're right on target-the heart is where it's at!

    :) 7of9

  • RedhorseWoman

    Wow! What a poem! And you say you're having difficulty meeting women? LOL

  • spectromize

    Thank you SevenofNine and RedHW.

  • Frenchy

    Ah, Spec, sly knave thou art! Thou hath slipped in from yon shadows and drawn thy sword and cast down the gauntlet for the heart of fair Seven. Thy challenge is accepted, noble knight, prepare thee for battle! Though the first round is thine, I step into the ring and draw my weapon!

    How lovely thy lips of wine and eyes of fire
    All beauty resides in thee
    Comely maiden, so lovely and fair
    Spread your skirts on the grass beside me

    Let's speak of love and things divine
    Let's bask in the sunlight of love
    Let mine eyes gaze upon thee, love of mine
    Thee who art so lovely and fair that heaven above

    Pales besides thy beauty and grace
    Who's voice resounds as an angel's hymn
    Let me feast mine eyes upon thy lovely face,
    Open thy heart, my love, and let me in

    Favor me with a smile from thy lips
    Lay thy gentle hand upon my breast
    And feel my heart feel this bliss
    While in thy eyes I take my rest

    For surely, my love, thou knowest well
    What passions thou causes within me to swell
    Without word from me thou can tell
    I would pursue thee through the fires of hell

    Or should my fight be with man or beast
    I care not of dangers in my quest for thee
    For of what value would this life of mine be
    If I were to have it and not have thee

    So stretch out thy hand and place it in mine
    Let me gaze into thy enchanting eyes
    How they glisten like dark, red wine.
    I give thee my heart, I pray, give me thine

    --The French Knight!

  • Seven

    Oh,be still my heart! Frenchy, that was beautiful.
    I will be daydreaming now for the remainder of the
    day. mmmmmm :)

  • spectromize

    To Monsieur French the knight,

    J'aimerais beaucoup comprendre votre languague en poem, mais je vais deviner que vous vouler la main de cette gentille demoiselle, alors EN GARDE-----------------------------------+

    Alors mes armes, ce non pas des armes de guerre,
    Mes armes son des armes de paix,
    A cette gentille demoiselle je donne mon amour,
    Je viendrai a son secours,
    Demoiselle en me donnant ta confiance,
    Je pourrai te protege contre la defiance,
    Ma chere princesse SevenofNine,
    Est que t'aime un crime?

  • Frenchy

    To the fair princess, SevenofNine:I thank thee for those gracious words. A mere glance from thine eyes is worth far more than the praise of an empire. I drop to one knee and kiss thy fair hand and pledge my sword, my lance, and my heart to thee. I shall stand vigil upon my steed through the dark night that no evil should betide thee while thy takest thy rest. Before the cry for help should fade from thy ruby lips I shall be at thy side and I shall perish before any ill should befall you.

    To that sly fellow, Sir Spec: Ah, yes, thou well understand my intents, knave! And though thou speaketh of peace and not war, thou well knoweth that this indeed is war. Arm thyself well if thy would protect that fairest of all damsels for I pledge myself to that noble quest of winning the heart of the princess Seven. Tho thou speaketh in the tongue of wizzards, I pray that the fair princess shall see through your evil spell and send thee back into the dark, shrouded mists from whence thy came.

    In Dreams

    In dreams I see
    Things that ought and ought not to be
    In my dreams,
    Hope runs wild and free

    Where gloom and despair ne'er do tread
    Gone are fear, sorrow and dread
    For in my dreams I see
    All the things that ought to be

    There and there alone I am with thee
    And smell that fragrance of thine
    Thy golden hair like the finest fleece
    Thy lips the colour of darkest wine

    I peer into your eyes of green
    And my soul is of an instant lost
    Into those emerald pools I careen
    And care not of consequence or cost

    In my dreams I see
    The face that is forever with me
    In my dreams I see
    All that hath been denied of me

    But for an instance I saw thy face
    And peered into thine eyes serene
    And in that moment granted me by fate
    I saw lonliness in those eyes of green

    It was then I was made to see
    That in dreams thou also do see
    All things that ought to be
    And I pray that thy dream is of me
    -The French Knight!

  • Seven

    To The French Knight and Sir Spec, See you in my dreams! ;)

  • waiting

    Wow, I've wandered into the Romantic Twilite Zone, and now I'll leave again and go hug my honey.

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