Debt Problems and Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • skeeter1

    What can you tell me about Jehovah's Witnesses and their individual debts?

    - - Do you see people get overextended on credit card debt?

    - - Is there an atititude that since the Armegheddon is going to come "any time" that it's ok to charge up the debt?

    - - Do you think that overspending is a symptom of a larger unhappiness in their lives? Shopping makes onr happy?

    I remember hearing tales of JWs spending too much before 1975, thinking the world was going to end.

    I hear about current tales of JWs who are tens of thousands in credit card debt.


  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    I think that JWs are no different than the average person regarding debt and overspending. I do think tthough that they tend to save less, as every dollar in the bank if big A hits would be a waste.

  • wasblind

    Great topic,

    when i started going out in field service and to the assemblies and conventions

    i rarley if ever saw the witnesses that i were around with whip out cash it was always

    a card, it could have been a debit that was straight from their bank account, but

    to think back on it with all of the shopping and eating at nice restaurants it would

    have cost them quite a bit for a whole family especially pulling it straight from their account

    i know it cost me something and i was on tight budget even back then. and these folks

    drove nice cars and suv's

  • steve2

    You might be drawing a long bow on this topic. I don't think there's any significant difference between JWs and non-JWs.

    JWs who went into debt leading up to 1975 have had ample opportunity since then to feel the consequences of their debt. They/ve had no choice bu to repay it. Ouch! So, too, with subsequent time periods: Credit card bills acrue huge interest rates if not paid off speedily and soon cause all sorts of other problems. I'd say that JWs who do over spend in the hope the end is coming soon would received absolutely no encouragement from other JWs to either go into debt or help in getting out of it.

  • zoiks

    The WTS is constantly telling the R&F to simplify and stay out of debt, while downplaying the importance of "secular employment". In my experience, witnesses are all over the map when it comes to these areas.

  • scotinsw

    Maybe they're in debt by putting their contributions on their credit cards at the assemblies!

  • free2beme

    Same as most people, religions etc. Unless of course we want to micro examine it and make it appear to be something it is not.

  • LostGeneration

    I agree that the way they treat debt is pretty much like non JWs. But they do have a very different view of putting money away for retirement. For a short time in my early 20's I worked in the retirement industry and found out really how powerful 401k savings can be. While I only worked there for six months, I continued 401 contributions at my following job.

    In talking with active JWs before I left, I can probably count the number that had a 401k or an IRA on one hand. They just don't think they are ever going to need it! And why should they, with constant talk of "soon" and "imminent" they never think they are going to retire on this side of Armageddon.

  • believingxjw

    JWs are just like everyone else. Some have large debt some don't.

  • moshe

    I was laughed at by JWs for keeping my union job and it's pensions- why I could have been a pioneer- instead I built a new home (1977) and had a family. My old JW friends are gonna have a pathetic retirement, if they can even afford to stop working.

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