Have you met this JW- "You were dumb to follow!"

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  • yourmomma

    its the same mentality that blames the parents of abuse victims for not going to police. (of course they completly ignore the fact that the parents were told by the elders not to go to the police or be DF'd)

    sick, twisted, mentally ill cult members.

  • rnicole76

    I feel for the people who have dreams of going to college and getting a rewarding career but never got a chance to do so. I being to assemblies where they discouraged young people from going to college, I thought then that I would never let the Watchtower keep me from going to school to pursue my dreams. Some people that did go to school, went to school to be a teacher so they can pioneer during the summer. No way in a million years I would be a teacher. Thats not who I am. If you ever have dreams of going to school to be in a certain career, now is the time to go back. It saddens me when i see young people throw their life and dreams away for the watchtower. They won't be happy for a long time because of their decision.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    In one conversation with my mom, she started down that "nobody made you" path and I seized it. I admitted that I was completely stupid to waste years pioneering and at Bethel. I was dumb to abandon further education out of high school because armageddon was so close... 20 years ago. Yes, I was dumb, stupid, and obedient. What a foolish idiot I was for choosing a path that has left me tired and penniless. Now I'm back in school, older and wiser. I'm the perfect example of somebody that got shafted for believing.

    Congrats to the self-righteous dub on the fringes. They're exactly the kind of people that drive away anyone looking for "the true religion", and they exhaust the hardcore who have to sit through counsel at the meetings (about speech, grooming, and obedience) that these people ignore.

  • serenitynow!

    Thanks for the responses. Longhairgal I really agree with your take on the congregation. I finally figured out that I was going to have to do what was best for me and not listen to people in the KH who didn't know my situation or just didn't really care about my welfare. From looking at my mom's example I learned:

    1. Don't pioneer, ever.

    2. Get an education.

    3. Get a good job, and if the hours aren't quite right for meetings, then get creative. And don't quit your job for something dumb like a DC.

    4. Don't get married young (esp to a man you don't love).

    5. Don't have kids if you're not financially or emotionally stable.

  • gubberningbody

    Future Catholic for sure!

  • LongHairGal


    I cannot imagine anything more foolhardy than somebody quitting their job so they can attend a District Convention, especially nowadays in this 'recession' we are in. Surely, no RESPONSIBLE person would do this. This is like jumping from a plane without a parachute. How sad for anybody to listen to the advice of people who are not in reality.

    Maybe years ago when jobs were plentiful and somebody was very young they could have gotten away with doing something like that. Not any more. Today, if somebody were dumb enough to do this, they wouldn't even get pity from the friends in the Hall. Can you imagine them going to the society and saying: 'BROTHERS! I quit my job so I can go to the assembly and now I can't pay my bills or survive!!! HELP ME!!'

    What kind of answer do you think they would get from the religion?

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