Blatant misquote in the Origin of Life booklet

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  • Copernic

    Please find in this link the job done by Wobble gathered in a table sheet

    Thanks for comment & proof readers !!

  • PSacramento

    Great work wobble :)

  • Copernic

    hum....found by Wobble, put in a table sheet by me

    So I am opened to find other blatant misquotes. Share guys !!!

  • StandFirm

    The WTS brochure The Origin of Life - Five Questions Worth Asking states on page 28:

    "One group of researchers used brain size to speculate which extinct creatures were more closely related to man admitted that in doing so, “they often feel on shaky ground.”"

    bohm asserts:
    "What the author of the booklet is trying to do in this section is to create a strawman argument where the brain size is the most important hint to evolutionary ancestry amongst the humanoids, and then he tries to knock that down by pointing out that there is little correlations between brain size and intelligence."-Emphasis added.

    But this is a misrepresentation of the brochure. It clearly states:

    "The brain size of a presumed ancestor of humans is one of the main ways by which evolutionists determine how closely or distantly the creature is supposed to be related to humans."-p. 28, emphasis added.

    The brochure says that brain size is one of the ways, not the main way, of determining ancestry. Why did bohm misrepresent the brochure? It could be an honest mistake, although he/she doesn't seem to leave any room for that for the WTS.

    Besides, the brochure is not about a book. The brochure is talking about the idea that brain size shows where in a supposed line of descent a fossil should be placed. The WTS says that this is false. The authors of the book agree, as does New Scientist. So what is your point?

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