"The Book of Eli"

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  • JimmyPage

    Just finished watching it. I'm so disappointed in Denzel for bringing that damned book back into the world. I was simply salivating at the thought of a world without it.

    As the villain said: "IT'S NOT A BOOK! IT'S A WEAPON. A weapon aimed right at the hearts and minds of the weak and the desperate. It will give us control of them. If we want to rule more than one small town, we have to have it. People will come from all over, they'll do exactly what I tell 'em if the words are from the book. It's happened before and it'll happen again. All we need is that book."

    Now there's a guy who understands reality!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I thought of Perry as Denzel read from the book everyday.
    I thought of Perry as the villian said the words you quoted above.

  • blondie

    The printing press begins printing the new King James Bible, after which Lombardi places a copy on the bookshelf between copies of the Torah and Qur'an.

    The Christian Bible is not the only book that is preserved.

  • Confucious

    A little late joining this discussion - but I thought it was a great movie.

    Just taking an alt view of Jimmy's post.

    But the Bible is full of power. If the villain wanted to - he could have wrote his own "scripture."

    But doing so would have no real power.

    The Bible has power. Real power.

    And, yes. You can use it as a weapon. Or you can use it to empower you. You can use it to enslave. You can use it to set you free.

    If he didn't bring it BACK into the world... would the world be better off or worse off?

    I guess it depends on your perspective.

    Won't ruin it for peeps that didn't see it - but the "twist" on the "version" the villain got was great.


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