I found myself defending Jw's against this unscrupulous Christian!!

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  • designs

    Gee an Evangelical to stubborn to admit he's wrong, now that's new

  • believingxjw

    Many times it's Trinity verses non-Trinity. Trinitarian fundamentalists have an itch in their backside when it comes to JWs.


    Name names AK-Jeff. That way those of us in actual counter-cult ministry can steer people away from this charlatan.

  • ZeusRocks

    Good post AK-Jeff. And the responses from others here are very good.
    I completely agree. Religious people attacking eachothers beliefs are like 2 kids arguing over whose invisible friend is better. I usually stand on the sidelines and am dumbfounded they don't see the absurdity of what they're doing. But like Jeff and others that commented, I don't agree with lying in order to attack someone else or as in this case a religion that I too despise.
    It shows a lot of good character for you to defend the WTS the way you did, knowing how you feel about them.

  • inbetween

    AK jeff: I remember, years ago, I peeked into an apostate book in a library around here, noticed lot of lies and half-truths, it just reinforced my conviction about those who leave the truth, are all like Judas Iscariot...

    Many years later, I read some pages of Crisis of Conscience, what a different story...the best way to help those inside (if we eandeavour to do so) is even by pointing out WT qoutes and perhaps facts from "neutral" sources, like Wikipedia. Or simply use logical reasoning.

    regarding KH library: Most policies I know of, also in our congo, if you wish to read something there, nobody will bother you, however, if you want to take it hoem, you have to contact the school overseer ( he is responsible for the library). Its just for the purpose of keeping it orderly, no elder will deny the request for studying even older literature.

  • jehovahsheep

    the fundamentalists call jws a cult -while jws call them part of babylon the great.

  • AK - Jeff
  • ziddina

    Hmm... That point about not being allowed to look at the older Watchtower publications...

    I remember poking my nose into the Kingdom Hall library when I was about 8. I spotted the old book, "Children", picked it up and read enough of it before an elder took it away from me, to realize that the JWs had an anti-marriage stance...

    But the elder wouldn't let me take it home and read it...

    A couple of years later, when I read "Armageddon Around the Corner", by William J. Whalen, a Catholic layperson who researched sects and wrote about their belief systems - quite accurately and in an unbiased manner, I might add - Mr. Whalen also mentioned that "anti-marriage" stance of the Witnesses.

    Since I'd spotted that same attitude in Rutherford's book, a few years earlier, I was quite impressed with the accuracy of a NON-JW book, and this encouraged me to read more "worldly" literature...

    Maybe they would be well-served to keep the average JW away from ALL of their older literature... I've heard others indicate that the older literature is off-limits within Kingdom Halls; has anyone else had an experience of having such literature snatched away from them???


  • designs

    Back in my Witness days I studied with a Jesuit for a couple of years, the book he was interested in was Walter Martin's Kingdom of the Cults, there was a literary masterpiece

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