Circle or Sphere ?

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    Please teacher - can I have an ORB?

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    marking for future reference

  • wozza

    fascinating stuff.

    The trouble I had as a JW with this scripture was whether the hebrew words were different and they are (thanks Leolaia)

    I put my self back in time and consider what a person would see standing on a high mountain ,say , with plains all about and observe what the horizon looks like - the same as today - a circular horizon line returning on both sides to behind me.

    This to me says the scripture in the the bible is only an observation of a ordinary man rather than an inspired by god statement which is penned by this man for future generations to go "ooooh aaaaah this really is evidence that the bible is from god .

    I'm not trying to attack the beliefs of anyone here but just reason on what has been pushed by the WTS as evidence of god and that they are his representatives ,when really one has to look at the text ,question it and ask if the WTS is wrong on this ,how many other things are they teaching are wrong? Keeping in mind that their "circle of the earth teaching is always used when studying with new people to impress upon them that they are finally finding "the truth " of life from the WTS.

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