Jehovah provides for pioneers but takes no action on behalf of children being abused

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  • jambon1

    This was something that I could never get my head around.

    I recall being at a convention and a pioneer couple (who happened to be complete arseholes) were talking about how they had had this bill for a car repair & 'didn't know what they were going to do so they prayed about it & waited on jehovah'. The bill was for £66.73 & within a few days they had returned home to find an electricity rebate made out to them for £66.73. Et voila! All sorted out. God had 'stepped in' on their behalf & 'taken action' to ensure that their piss ant car was kept on the road to enable them to pioneer. Much 'oooohhhh'ing & aaaaaahhhh'ing' from the convention audience.

    Now this is the thing that bothers me with this religion. How is it that they feel comfortable worshiping a god who 'takes action' for a couple of idiots who are in full time service yet when a child is being abused in the congregation & prays for it to stop, he doesn't 'take action'?

    For years I was told that god only intervenes on behalf of mankind in relation to spiritual matters & not physical. Yet for years I would hear lame shit stories of a brother getting this pefect part-time job or some sister being given a car or a pioneer couple being handed a free holiday by some kind person in the Kingdom Hall. Surely these are 'physical matters'?

    So why can't god step in or take the same sort of miraculous action to help a child avoid being scarred for life by a paedophile?

    Fancy having your head so far up your own arse that you imagine that your need for a car is more important than the welfare of an abused child.

    I can't buy into the logic. Never understood it. Never will.



  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I know I used to pray my brains out as a child for help when I was being abused nothing from Jehovah. Then I prayed my brains out for help when I thought it was the "truth" as a teenager asking Jehovah for help from the elders and still nothing. Then I prayed my brains out when I needed a job to get away from my abusive JW parents and nothing. Then I prayed my brains out when I got married to a elder and he gave all his time to help the flock and I needed him as a husband and still nothing from Jehovah.

    Yet this nasty spiteful pioneer couple who were in the hall with me after I was first married prayed for a new car which they would not use in field service because they did not want to get and scratches on it from the rough roads so they would park their new car a block away from the hall so as to also not get door dings on it and they road with everyone one else in field service to pioneer and did not give one dime for gas. But Jehovah did give them that car because he cared for them so much.

    I never will understand Jehovah?


  • OnTheWayOut

    Having learned the real truth about interviews and personal stories and relayed stories, I doubt the exact validity of the story. The C.O. or D.O. might have heard a story like this from them: "We had this bill we couldn't pay and the rebate was 66.73 so we asked the mechanic shop if that would be enough and they said yes."

    When the C.O./D.O. heard such a story, they might have said instead of presenting a story of 'barely enough' that the story was really about Jehovah presenting 'exactly enough.' "I wonder if you guys could still honestly just say that the rebate was exactly enough?"

    It is such a thrill for them to get this opportunity that they would kiss up to the overseer and slightly alter the words, then start to believe themselves that the bill from the mechanic matched the rebate exactly.

    Relayed stories from the platform at conventions/assemblies are often stolen from the internet and re-told with a JW spin. Interviews are generally true, but that slight spin could make all the difference. I also would not be surprised if they already knew about this rebate before getting a bill from the mechanic and telling him they could only pay if he slightly adjusted his bill.

  • frigginconfused

    Im so sorry for both of you. I had the same thing. Always prayed but never got help. The example youre using of pioneers getting a car is superstition. If you pray for a car and you get one it had to be god. But if you pray for help from abusers then god isnt listening. That flawed outlook on god is exactly why the JWs are turning people away from him. Thats not what god is. He is deeper than our mere mortal earthly problems. God is the harmony of the universe. When you take time to notice the way the food chain works and the ocean currents, or the migration of the monarch butterfly you can see amazing harmony. Its not his fault we are not in synch with the universe. It is us thats busted. Very horrible bad things are going to happen to even innocent children. All we can do in this world is to teach them this fact. Teach them that horrible things can happen to you and the only thing that matters is your outlook on them. You do have a measure of controll over all the chaos. You controll how you percieve things. Some people grew up without enough love from mommy and become serial killers. Some grow up the same way but become loving devoted parents to not let what happened to them happen to their kids. Same bad thing but different outlook changes the whole ballgame.

    This will not always be. Eventually God will step in. When he does none of this will have mattered.


    Because after you have lived ten thousand years some bad event that happened in your youth will have no effect on your life. It seems like people live a whole life in misery. But if God is really going to do what he says then in the scheme of things nothing can go on too long or be too horrible to endure for such a short time. Sounds too easy. Im not saying you are expected to be superman. Just saying we should look for love in this world and give love freely. Dont focus on the negative. God has not abandoned you. Weve abandoned him.

    Now que the rage that the readers will direct at me for sticking up for god...

  • OnTheWayOut

    I find that people who manage to keep life as they want it are the ones who feel that their prayers are answered. A person with a terminal disease wonders why God doesn't answer just as an abuse victim wonders.

    Successful religious people also learn to adjust their prayers. Young people might ask for the winning lottery ticket or sudden fortunes of some kinds. As religious people age, their prayers become "answerable." One way or the other, that car has to be fixed, so praying to God for an answer to a way to pay for it is a virtually guaranteed prayer. Either, a friend would loan/gift the money or give them a chore for the amount or another cost would be deferred or whatever- but the car would be fixed and someone would feel their prayer was answered.

  • wasblind

    "The example youre using of pioneers getting a car is superstition. "

    HI friggin,

    i honestly have to say it's not all superstition, i do know of a sister who was given a very nice vehicle, right after she started pioneering .

    I also have to add that i bought a $5.00 lottery ticket and won, guess what it covered the phone and cable bill. No joke

  • upnorth

    This is slightly on topic.

    Have any of you heard this song before

    I encourage all of you to pray for the leaders of this vile cult we call the JW's

  • WTWizard

    I never understood why Jehovah is so stingy that he only pays just enough for the present situation, and not a penny more. Unless, that is, that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag wants to keep people dependent on him at all times, and giving them even a penny more might allow that person to not think of that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag during the yoctosecond or so that the "extra" penny keeps them going. This is Jehovah doing exactly like people are urged not to do: What if someone were to do exactly the minimum amount of field circus, and not one yoctosecond more? The hounders, and supposedly that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag Jehovah, would be pxxxed about it. Yet Jehovah sees fit to do that to people.

    The other thing that makes no sense is that there is no justice. How much value do those pio-sneers create in society? Zilch. All they ever do is spread the cancer. Yet Jehovah gives them something--just so he can boast and gloat about it. Yet, what does that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag do about children that are molested and then threatened by some pig that gets his kicks out of ruining their lives? What about the person that Jehovah Baghead leaves celibate so they can do more than themselves plus kids (remember, that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag never does more than the absolute bare minimum himself) or traps in a loveless marriage full of abuse and tyranny? Or, does Jehovah even bend a rule a little so it will be out of people's way? Of course not. Jehovah will not get out of our way to be happy, yet he gives some pio-sneer a damn car.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Jambon, you are in England, I am in America. Good lord how is that that same story just keeps rearing it's ugly head, guess they are running low on feel good stories. Maybe it just wouldn't be the same with little Johnny up there in his suit he says "yes brother I prayed real hard that brother Chester the molester book study conductor stop fondeling me and low and behold he got ran over by a truck the next day"! applause applause Jehovah really does hear my prayers! See it's just not the same as the electricity rebate story! NMKA

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