My Moms shepherding call re: the organisation

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  • James_Slash

    The Elder in addition to the paedophile problem stated that not even "half" of the JW's at meetings are "proper Witnesses". He said the lifestyle of many are ruining the organisation for the majority.

    I thought it was most interesting that despite his gripes with the religious leaders, Jesus still used the temple to communicate with God despite eventually God removing his blessing from the Jewish nation.

    He intimated that eventually this would happen with the JW's. Its a funny comment for an Elder to make.

  • Lozhasleft

    Mmmm... interestingly different ?

    Loz x

  • Desert Rat
    Desert Rat

    Perhaps this elders eyes are opening up and he may have doubt's himself?

  • stillin

    I'm no elder but I'm still "in the mix." I ran into a DF'd brother and his wife at the store last week. I can certainly sympathise with the down-and-out problem that they are having because of their relationship with the brotherhood that they have so many years invested with. I like the brother, always have and if he ever gets reinstated I hope he thinks back with appreciation at how I spoke with him (briefly) and spoke a few friendly words, patted him on the shoulder and urged him to "hang in there." The very next day I was talking with an elder/friend who had spoken with the same brother recently and he shared with me that the brother had lamented the fact that he had gotten absolutely NO encouragement from "the brothers" while he is dealing with his (fill in the blank) problem.

    The organization doesn't have the only patent on showing affection and giving encouragement. I suppose I could be called in on the carpet for breaking rank and speaking with a DF'd person, but it would be a priviledge if I was!

  • ldrnomo

    It sounds as though this elder's time as an overseer is limited if he is talking like that. The bORG will not put up with that for long.


  • flipper

    Who knows ? Maybe " half " of these witnesses who aren't acting like " proper witnesses " - according to the elder- are actually just people whose minds are waking up to the BS the WT society is handing down and they can see through how false it all is. Perhaps these people are just using free thinking minds and thinking of leaving the JW's permanently. And that would be a good thing

  • moshe
    the brother had lamented the fact that he had gotten absolutely NO encouragement from "the brothers" while he is dealing with his (fill in the blank) problem.

    You would have done him a favor by telling him to forget about the JWs and make a new life with normal people. Of course, that might have blown your cover.

  • stillin

    Of course, that might have blown your cover.

    Moshe, I don't really have "a cover." I'm stillin, but I'm mixed in my thoughts. One of these days things will blow up in my face, but in the meantime, I'm trying to be a human being in all of its' nuances, for JW's and anybody else who might need a little kindness. I only wish I had more to give...


  • dawnrdh72


    I think it's great that you offered the guy and his wife some encoragement instead of running the other way with your shopping cart. I've been out for 12 years now, but when I was in- I would have done the same thing. I have always had a big problem with the shunning thing.

  • anewme

    Stillin, your feelings are exactly the same ones I had just before I began to sympathise with people on the outside who were trying to make a difference in this world. I tried to remain neutral but my heart reasoned that there are those on the outside who are doing so much for humanity and for science and understanding and using their resources and time and putting forth a lot of passion and undergoing suffering to help others and still the borg says the lazy a__ witnesses will be the ones spared in the big battle of Armaggeddon. I just couldnt wrap my mind around it all.

    Maybe you cant either.


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