Got the new dvd

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  • fokyc

    I have watched it! 62 mins of the same old stuff.

    Just the sight of the GB members is the most sickening part!

    IF you need to copy it, you will need DL (Double Layer) discs.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I finally watched it, too.

    Looks like they spent all granny's pennies on lots of fancy sets, costumes, antiques, and digital video rendering. My favorite scene was when they showed the Bethel family getting the "Finished Mystery" book in ?1916? They have clear plastic water pitchers on the dining tables. Jeez, why not show Rutherford talking on a cell phone, too.

    They cast a handsome young "brother" to play Pastor Brother Russell in most of the scenes, but had a completely different looking, old, creepy guy in some of the scenes when he was older. Maria Russell was not mentioned. I think I'll encourage the friends to have a look at the Studies in the Scriptures to learn more about the "light" that Russell and Rutherford were serving up.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    ... and fokyc, the Watchtower leadership looks terribly old and tired in this. But not quite as bad as last years Creation video where Jaracz looked totally creepy, like a hypno/vampire/zombie.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I watched it with my ultra theocratic wife; unfortunately she slept through most of it so she is planning another viewing. It really was that rivetting!


  • foolsparadise

    Now you can donate over a $100 for it. I remember a KM article saying that typically this kind of format produced by the society costs upwards of $100. I went home and researched that statement and learned that if mass produced it only costs 19 cents per copy to make. Thats quite a markup if you ask me.

  • Invetigator74

    Any chance I can get a copy?? For some reason my parents won't lend me theirs.

  • twinkle toes
    twinkle toes

    O.k. I watched.

    It was really boring. It was also very selective (big shock). As Billy mentioned the lack of mention of Russel's wife was a little odd.

    First they explain how there was dissapointment over the resurrection of 1914.Saying many left the truth over it. Then they say it was evident that Jehovah was backing the organization. NOT!! I think the fact that you have a major unfullfilled prophecy means Jehovah ISN'T backing you. Otherwise you might have got it right.

    Also (as Billy mentioned) the Change in the Actor for Russel was odd. One minute he is this dashing young man and then he looks like Mr. Burns. Maybe the guy who was being young Russel decided to head to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. So they just picked someone new?

    I made other notes But I have to go deal with my children now and will come back later.


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