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  • Soldier77

    I am going through some "personal issues and that I need time to think about them"

    Gutted, that's what I am thinking to use too. In fact I try to rehearse it in my head to get it right without mucking it up. hah.

  • VampireDCLXV


    It seems to me that you're handling things very well so far. "Discretion is the better part of valour." The only other thing I might add is that when it comes to dealing with your diferences with the family, it doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" proposition. If things get a little heated, back off a bit, visit them less often. No need to cut off contact altogether unless it's a truly emotionally toxic situation. It's for you to decide, though. Keep hanging in there and stick to your guns.


  • wasblind

    Keep your head up soldier,

    and remind your mom in a loving way that you would not want her to be in a situation that is abusive and mistrusting,

    and that you know she would'nt want you in that situation either.

  • ziddina
    Well, last night was the meeting... and of course, her husband goes, she doesn't (due to abuse in her childhood involving SRA within the KH in another country), and asked if I was going.

    Let me see if I understand you correctly...

    Your mother won't go to meetings; hasn't been to one in

    "you haven't gone in 15+ years..."

    And wants YOU to go????

    Du-UUUUUDE!!! Your mother is more f*cked up than MY parents - and that's WAY WHACKED!!!

    You might want to consider disowning the bitch woman... I slammed my 'parents' to the mat for similar mind games; they DIDN'T get to pull that sh*t on me after I was grown up!!

    As someone else mentioned, with "friends like these, who needs enemies??" That can be applied to destructive parents, too... "With parents like these, who needs a cult to do the mind-f*cking???"

    Phew!! Such language!! I don't usually cuss THIS much, but - man!!! I'd be FURIOUS, if I were in your shoes!!

    No offense meant; just my two - cents' worth...


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