How Shunning Defeats The Watchtower

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  • metatron

    I know my remarks in this regard are small solace for those affected but I think they can offer a little hope. It is shunning in particular that is leading to ultimate defeat of the Watchtower cult.

    How so? Well, any policy followed to an extreme results in the opposite consequences. This is just a rewording of the 'law of unintended consequences'. A repressive nation forbids most everything - and so triggers rebellion. You protect your kids by not permitting them to play in the dirt - and they develop weak immune systems. The government orders every entitlement imaginable - and then goes bankrupt and can't protect anyone.

    So, what happens when shunning is taken to a collective extreme? History can quickly tell you: the Jews of Jesus' day positively reveled in shunning and even developed complex rules to encourage it, depending on what sect you belonged to (The Dead Sea Scrolls have a lot about this).

    And what was the result of all this endless social exclusion? Two things: entrenched hypocrisy and deep social decay.

    "Disfellowshipping" did NOT make them morally clean! Quite the contrary! All that shunning strongly encouraged fake religious devotion, as Jesus kept pointing out. A whole nation was 'play acting' their faith to avoid exclusion.

    Nor did this orgy of shunning create a viable unity as shown by the collapse of the Jewish system in 70 AD. They were often as eager to turn on each other as to fight the Romans.

    So, what do we find in the Watchtower today? Open, honest opposition that might lead to ethical reform of the organization? No, instead you have endless cutbacks in literature, magazines, Bethel staff and Branch Offices. Millions of Jehovah's Witnesses are 'play acting' their faith because they don't wish to be shunned by "friends" or family. They prefer to close their wallets - where they can't be noticed.

    7 million Jehovah's Witnesses speak glowingly about their God Directed leaders but men aren't reaching out to become elders. So, they stay with it and maintain appearances but avoid the shunning.

    And what else happens as a result of this extreme collective shunning? Well, one long term Bethelite put it this way, "they're always watching us, looking for an opportunity". He was speaking about his fear and discouragement in that so many opposers - as ex-Witnesses - seek to harm the organization.

    Thanks to shunning, the Watchtower can enjoy a ceaseless guerrilla war that drains them, day and night, year after year against opponents who replenish their ranks out of an endless pool of the aggrieved. No brothers, you don't need to invoke Satan to explain this fact.

    The summary of this? Thanks to shunning, the Organization can face being chipped away without letup, while wasting their resources on congregations of people who secretly wish they'd just go away - and "contribute" accordingly.

    If they had any brains, they would rethink the whole matter more carefully - but since they see only the surface, the shunning and cruelty continues.


  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    I think shunning is slowly ...... losing it's power. Why else would these Strong JW's deliberately go out of their way to contact those who HAVE been shunned.

    Let me see if I can find an example........ oh yeah

    This Forum. So many Strong JW's have turned away from Jah's COMMANDMENT and taken up the fight on their own against Jehovah's Will.

    So who are the Apostates now???

  • besty

    the leaders are self-captivated by their predecessors concept...

    the WTS is circling the drains in the West and yet growing at the margins of society - the nominal growth masks the decline in fortune...

  • book

    "Apostates" is such a relative term now. Enemies accuse each other of apostasy. JWs say Judaism and christendom is are apostate religions.

    Just like countries accuse insurgents as terrorists.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Good points, Meta!

    Something bizarre locally is that there are a couple of DFd at the meetings that aren't "bad" and some baptized teens that are constantly under scrutiny. Yet, there are some "students" that are slimeballs and others that were never baptized that are living 'immorally' that get completely love-bombed at the KH.

    The other kids at the KH have noticed this "abuse of the dipped" and are avoiding baptism.

  • ziddina

    EXcellent, Metatron!!!

    Thanks for starting this thread!! I agree - shunning is self-defeating...

    The BlotchTower can't come down soon enough for me...


  • boyzone

    I agree totally Metatron. Yesterday I had a fascinating conversation with my JW parents about being shunned (I am universally shunned by all in the cong except them) They realised that shunning me is totally counter-productive and proves that the Society aren't loving, and if they aren't loving, then they aren't true christians. If they're not true christians then Jehovah can't approve of them. If they haven't got Jehovah's approval then what are they? Nothing.

    They realised that the Society will have to change the shunning teaching or die. Will they change it? Not a chance.

    I didn't have to say much, its what my JW parents had worked out for themselves.

  • metatron

    I assert that shunning in particular may be turning Jehovah's Witnesses into the equivalent of Christendom - or worse!

    How so? Because shunning creates a group of people who are trained in maintaining pretense. They become 'good' at hypocrisy - and better at it than ordinary people.

    So, when you hear about wife-swapping or child molesting or financial fraud or the like exposed amidst Jehovah's Witnesses, don't be too surprized. It was the shunning they learned from the organization that kept their wrongdoing concealed.

    Why else do you think child molester Jesus Cano had all the Society's new publications to share with 'worldly people' as he traveled thru airports and molested young boys in the bathrooms? Pretense...

    I know an elder with white hair, who has served for many years on judicial committees. Not too long ago, I was told he burst into tears while on such a committee. Why? Because it become obvious to him how fake the Witnesses involved were - despite long appearances.

    Notice the huge crowds that suddenly appear for the C.O. visit? Mass pretense. How many will take a blood transfusion if no Witness is around to see (hence, "Visitation/Liason Committees") Mass pretense.


  • Sapphy

    I like that Billy - "The abuse of the dipped", it's true!

    Unbaptised born ins get a lot of attention & love bombing, as long as they can keep up some meeting & ministry activity.

    I think these would only get dipped if they want to seriously date a JW...

    The poor kids who really believe it and get baptised at a young age are definately under the microscope & are expected to be "good examples" & exert "positive peer pressure" and be and act like embryonic elders and pioneers.

  • Soldier77

    I'm in total agreement. JW's are today's version of the Pharissees. They have a rule on just about everything you can or more likely can't do.

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