Which Figured it out First - Your Right Brain or your Left Brain?

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  • HintOfLime

    Hi everyone, have a question:

    In your experience, which side figured out that the WT wasn't really "the truth" first?

    The right side of the brain is generally considered to be the "artistic, emotional, 'all at once', sub-conscious, dreaming" side of your brain, while the left being the "logical, procedural, step 1 then step 2" side of your brain.

    For me it was clearly the right side - my left side had been well trained to ignore or weasel around the logical problems with the WT. I had a 'eureka' moment - where everything fell into place at once - and suddenly I was able to think around that mental block. One moment I was trying to refute evolution - and suddenly it just clicked - "This science guy is making a much better argument than the WT does. The WT's position is purely speculative, ignorant, and/or emotional. It deliberatly avoids discussing the strongest evidence for evolution." Acknowledging that, and saying it to myself felt as though a giant weight had been lifted off me - as though I was literally released from a prison.

    So I am curious if there is a pattern regarding right brain/left brain when it comes to leaving the JW religion. Do most people piece it out step by step? Does it occur to a lot of people 'all at once' - where one minute its 'locked off' - impossible to consider - and suddenly the mental block fails? (Or are most simply chased away from the WT by a personal experience that revealed the WT is directed by men, and not 'god's spirit'?)

    I suspect there won't be a strong pattern - but if there is one, it may offer some insight as to what methods are most effective in circumventing the 'no critical thinking' JW block.

    - Lime

  • changeling

    What side do you call bullshit with? That's the side I used... :)



    It was my Ass that figured it out..

    It got kicked enough times in that Crazy JW Cult..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    It was my Ass that figured it out..

    Same here. It kept asking me to remove my head from it. I finally listened.

  • VampireDCLXV

    Sorry HintOfLime, people should treat this thread with a little more respect IMHO.

    Anywho, for me it was the (emotional) right side that was screaming blue murder over what I exerienced among the borg. I had no quibble over the teachings and doctrine of the WTBS. It all seemed perfectly reasonable to me. What got me down was all the apathy towards those who aren't exactly stars in the cong. If you aren't a pioneer, MS, elder or married to one, you are NOTHING and NO ONE - You are a useless piece of shit and will be ignored as such.

    People were trying to pressure me into being a MS, but struggles with ordinary everyday life and the rigours of personal study, regular meeting attendance and FS were just about all I could handle already. I had my own problems, nevermind take on the problems of others and additional "priveleges" in the cong. I also struggled to keep my behaviour, my sense of humour and my lack of tact in check. (Man, JW's do offend so easily!) It's all part and parcel of living with ADHD. Eventually folks decided that I was simply not trying hard enough, I wasn't progressing in the troof to their satisfaction and as such there must be something wrong, that I must be bad association. A few talked behind my back and turned others against me instead of being straight with me about what was bothering them. (I've heard this is familiar to many of you.) Depression eventually hit me like a torpedo and made things so much worse. Paranoia set in and I couldn't trust ppl anymore, especailly not the elder types. Despite their high opinions of themselves, they are simply not qualified to help the "down hearted". Many of them are simply too arrogant! Elders sure as hell aren't trained therapists. They often cause more harm than good.

    Sure, I'm not completely faultless in all this but, cripes, it's so not fair. And JW's call themselves understanding, kind and compassionate? Pheh! I couldn't stand it anymore. My family still doesn't get it.


  • Snoozy

    Well since the left side of your brain is the more serious one I would say the left, but the right gave me some amusing thoughts to go with it.


  • cult classic
    cult classic

    My right side started getting pretty pissed off. Then the left side kicked in and was like, "I knew something wasn't right", and got us the hell out of there. The right side kicked up a big stink during the whole process of leaving.

    changeling, outlaw, keyser - LOL you guys. I heard that.

  • Hadit

    I would say my right side - my subconscious was putting all the left sided logical pieces in place for me that I was consciously ignoring. Then it yelled and I listened. The lack of love in the org was a huge piece that kept simmering - then it clicked.

    Eventually folks decided that I was simply not trying hard enough

    Yip - so loving and accepting. Wow I love it when OTHERS know that you are not trying hard enough. So nice of them. Both their right and left brain need a huge smack.

  • quietlyleaving

    my right and left side had figured it out after the first 6-9 months (in that I noticed a disjoint between what the wts was saying and what the bible was saying) but I stayed for 30 plus years . I'm still in awe of their innocence and wholehearted service and to be honest am still partly in. It must be the back of my brain and spinal column

  • nelly136

    The right side of the brain is generally considered to be the "artistic, emotional, 'all at once', sub-conscious, dreaming" side of your brain

    in that case it was my right side as it used to leave the building and go somewhere else as soon as my bum hit the seat.

    it was so well trained to get up and go it still does, i struggle with anything that resembles a lecture, business meeting, training sessions. even long youtube talking things can send me off.

    i had to sit through 3 days of training dvds and sessions for care work a while back, it was a total nightmare trying to stay conscious while my head was trying to zone me out continually.

    the job i have now involves AGM meetings, i'm just relieved i dont have to take the minutes cos i'm gone just after they start.

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