Mad Sweeney finally on youtube

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  • Soldier77

    Mad Sweeney, dude, awesome! Looking forward to more!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    Getting those cybernetic voices to have the proper inflection can be a challenge, but they get the message across.

    I can see elders all over the country trying to figure out whose voice it is. Har Har!

    "I am Spartacus!"

  • cyberjesus

    I thought you were a guy Mad Sweeney :-)

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I thought you were a guy Mad Sweeney :-)

    I am. I was the Dub, didn't you recognize me? LOL.

    Seriously, this was just the free version of the program which only includes the two people I used and the street scene. Since the guy was in the suit, I made him the JW.

    The program, State, is VERY easy to use. I did this vid on my lunch break. It's a lot of fun to use, though the gestures don't always happen when you want them to, so I ended up having to place them two or three words before I wanted them just so they'd show up at the right time. Anyway, download it and play around with it; it's fun and free.

    If you don't want to download a program you can also make movies right on their site but I haven't tried it so don't know the features.

    You can get more voices, characters, and scenes in packs for around $10 each but I haven't had time to explore how much you get with each pack. I hate having to do vids in stealth mode but as most of you still IN and all that.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

  • ClassickConcept

    Already subscribed. Look thru my subscribers to find other ex-j-dubs and lots of vids. This forum inspired me to become a full blown apostate and make my youtube channel (not the only influence but a big one none the less) the channel is BADAzzociation

  • quietlyleaving

    short and to the point - great work mad sweeney

  • Soldier77


    nice plug for too!

  • Peaches1978

    lol I liked it.... I like the girl, getting frusted just show me the jwfacts.... funny.....

  • Ice cream
    Ice cream

    Excellent !

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