Brooklyn Watchtower properties valued at over $1 billion

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  • WuzLovesDubs

    What good are all those buildings if there are no people in them? What good are thousands of empty kingdom halls and printing presses that produce nothing but junk mail?

    Buildings do not a religion make.

  • Soldier77

    You know the city officials are just sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for this land to go for sale, they are seeing all the future tax $$$ they can be raking in.

  • book

    Brooklyn Watchtower properties may have to be sold like BP, if facing a deluge of lawsuits.

  • metatron

    I read repeatedly things like - 'tried to sell but withdrew until market gets better'. The market might not ever get better.

    Can they sell the factories as housing? Can Brooklyn absorb that many upscale people?

    Keep in mind that a few Catholic -level lawsuits could easily wipe out all this value. More than that, remember that all this lovely real estate represents 130 years of human suffering from persistent, entrenched fraud - The kid who sent pennies, the old sister who sent in her SS check, the long term Bethelites who got thrown in the street because the Watchtower wanted to save more money.

    Too bad we can't burn them all down and sew the ground with salt like the Romans used to do.


  • WTWizard

    Yet, they cannot afford more than one towel per handwashing. I would like to see people wasting those supplies to the hilt--wasting the littera-trash, also.

  • Bangalore

    Yet they keep asking for donations from the rank and file.


  • designs

    The Society's real estate holdings are small potatoes compared to the Lutherans, Methodists, and Presbyterians, at least with the Lutheran Fund you get a dividend, they run it like a real business.

  • coffee_black

    If the Brooklyn properties are worth that much....imagine the $ total of all their facilities around the world! In the Proclaimers book, there were roughly 50 pages of pictures of branch facilities etc.


  • Gayle

    Is anyone tracking these properties?

    I have it, correct me if wrong please:


    139 Columbia Heights (Standish Arms Hotel) Sold = $50M

    67 Livingston - Sold = $18.6M

    89 Hicks - Sold = $14M

    360 Furman - Sold = $250M

    For Sale:

    34 Orange St = asking $3.5M

    165 Columbia Heights = asking $4.5M

    67 Ramsen St = asking $3.6M

    105 Willow St = asking $3.6M

    76 Willow St = $3.6M

    161 Columbia Heights - ?

    183 Columbia Heights - ?

    50 Orange St - ?

  • Gayle

    More addresses I found awhile back but I don't know how accurate or current status, needs updates or corrections no doubt:

    124 Columbia Heights (I suspect that will be the last one to go)

    107 Columbia Heights

    119 Coumbia Heights

    129 Columbia Heights (maybe that one is sold already?)

    117 Adams

    25-30 (?) Columbia Heights (is that the former Squibb Building?)

    79-99 (?) Willow St ( not sure about this one - Towers Hotel?)

    97 Columbia Heights (Margaret Hotel?)

    175 Pearl St

    90 Sands St

    98 Montague (Bosset Hotel) was for sale for $100M but fell through

    108 Joralemon ST

    107 Willow St.

    85 Jay St

    25 Clark St (Leverich Tower Hotel)

    (again, please I am just throwing this out to all that know more about these Brooklyn WT properties, just to keep track a bit) So all corrections are very welcome.

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