Is God Necessary for Morality?

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  • littlebuddy

    A person can have morals, but without God, they are just of their own making and desire, a pick and choose type of thing. Why would someone want to have morals or at least act moral towards others? Self-protection, as in if I do this or that others will not bother me, fear of jail or some other punishment? Without God there are no absolutes, so I would think survival of the strong and smart would rule. They would take what they want, when they want, how they want and only apply morals when someone tried to do the same to them. Is this not what the sinful nature is all about, me first.

  • leavingwt
    Is this not what the sinful nature is all about, me first.

    What is sin?

  • bohm

    littlebuddy: Im an atheist, do you really think i only do good because i fear punishment, or expect something in return?

    How about you. If you somehow came to the conclusion there was no God, could you really see yourself act and think that way?

  • cyberjesus
    There is one word of God for a christian and that is Jesus

    There is one word of God for a bible reader and that is the bible :-)

    Zeus: I dont agree on disagreeing :-)

    I dont need god for my Morality nor for anything. God I dont need you.. did you hear me? I DO NOT need you. I can do fine without you. I do the best I can for my fellow human beings for the earth, for the animals for myself with my brain and my own thoughts I dont need no God to tell me that. So, sorry God, there other fellow human being that do need you to tell them what is right and wrong. Please god label them as sinners if they do wrong ok, they need that.

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