The Altar is Under The Compass (Compass and Square)

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  • cameo-d

    Exodus 38

    In the first verse the altar is described as "five cubits in length and breadth".... "it was foursquare"

    In verse 4 "he made for the altar a brasen grate of network under the compass thereof"

    Seems to describe a compass and square, does it not? Now, where have we seen those symbols before?

  • cameo-d

    altar=a place of slaughter

    Could it be that a cabal of persons or entities who meet at this 'altar' decide the fate of peoples and nations according to advantage and the spoils involved? Could it be that world affairs are manipulated in this way even today?

    In Ezekiel 9:2 we are told that six men from the north gate are summoned to this place of the altar and, upon arrival, are given their instructions as to whom is to be slaughtered.

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  • EndofMysteries

    Nice find cameo-d! Gotta check some things on that.

  • TD

    In Jamesian English, the basic meaning of "Compass" was a circular rim. Modern translations favor "ledge", or "border" for this term.

    The layout tool we call a "compass" or "trammelpoint" originated in ancient Greece.

  • cameo-d

    There are actually two types of compasses and both are used in creating this scheme of 'who gets sacrificed'.

    There is the precision instrument used by the engineers and architects. This compass represents the masterminds who plan and orchestrate events.

    Then, there is the navigational compass used by the pirates who enforce the dictates of the schemers and planners.

    Both of these compasses are used in the icons of religion/secret societies. (Religions are the downline operated by the SS)

    One compass represents talent of the calculated criminal mind; the other represents cold blooded brawn.

    Those who stand at the altar of sacrifice are those who plot and plan the wars, the annihilations, and the divisions of people by tossing out the bone of contention and argument. Jehovah provides for them by the spoils of war and slavery. These people are strategists. And the masses turn on each other rather than looking more deeply to see who has set them up with strife.

  • Quentin

    Man, these things just get , how shall I say it, LOONEY TUNE!!!The only thing I see are the goobers who write this cashcow stuff making a boat load of money. What do I know, spent half my life in the wt. Turn from one lunacy to another, why not, some folks have to belive something. Makes your world go round have at it.

  • cameo-d

    The "brasen grate of network under the compass" refers to a Brotherhood system; a political networking. The compass is used as their logo.

    Some use the drafting instrument as their logo. The other groups use the nautical instrument as their logo.

    Have you noticed any such logos or language affiliations among these groups?

  • Quentin

    I used a compass when I did land surveying, does that count?

  • cameo-d

    This is a carving from a FOUNDATION stone. Because this whole world system is FOUNDED on this. It is evidenced by the scriptures above that this foundation has been in place for a long, long time.

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