This commercial illustrates why I envy those who didn't grow up in a JW household.

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  • babygirl30

    The MOST my parents permitted was me playing instruments (piano and flute)...but NOTHING past that! My father (an athlete himself) FORBID me - his naturally athletic daughter - to play basketball or tennis. No afterschool activities (not even meeting up at a classmates home to work on a project - I always ended up 'inconveniencing' everyone by making them meet at the library cause MOM didn't want 'unnecessary worldly association'). When I hear my BF tell stories of riding his bike with the neighborhood kids, playing football, going to his prom, hanging out at friends houses...and I feel like a retard cause I don't HAVE stories like that!!! My JW family didn't DO those things.

    I give my parents credit for giving me VERY high morals and all, but the method they used (JW religion) gave them an excuse to be hard-nosed! My parents didn't bend - EVER. If ANY brother on the platform said "x is bad and so is y" then my parents took that as the voice of God giving them that made it difficult as a kid.

  • wasblind

    "I'd LOVE to learn how to play a musical instrament... but it will have to wait for the New Order."

    There was a man in the congregation and no one wanted to sit near him cause he was a little

    smelly, you don't think he was waitin' for the new order to take a bath, do ya'

  • serenitynow!

    I really hate that I missed out on the Saturday morning cartoons. I feel cheated. Then sometimes we would get to the doors and you could smell bacon and hear cartoons; it was just torture.

    We were allowed to be friends with all the neighbor kids and have friends at school, so that wasn't bad.

    One thing I do regret is that my mom didn't encourage me toward doing things in school that would have helped me go to college. As it is I only considered the field I'm in after a "worldly" career counselor showed me that I was smart enough to do something other than menial work.

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