Fade to white

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    It's like eating at the same restaurant your entire life...swearing up and down it's the BEST food in town!!! You try to 'sell' the place to everyone you know, convicincing them it's SO good and fresh. You make them promises that the restaurants food is so amazing that they will never leave hungry - and they give you SO much, that it's inevitable they will leave with leftovers. Finally ONE (out of 35) of your friends decides to check the restaurant out. Afterwards they call you and tell you that the restaurant - the one you bragged about being SO good and having the BEST food - is disgusting! They tell you about the bad service, how the place smells like something is rotten, the floors are sticky and full of crumbs, there are rodents running around the place, and the food is burned and far from fresh. then another friend goes and tells you the same thing...then another friend. Now YOU go back to the restaurant and objectively LOOK at the place - and you see it - the place IS nasty!!!!

    I'm soo totally stealing that illustration lol :)

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    babygirl30, that was awesome. That is a great illustration!

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    I'm hungry...guess that's where that came from! - hehehehe

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    Thanks, everyone!

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