Wore a Shirt to the D.C. Telling Witnesses About the U.N. WT Affair

by Clint Bussey 19 Replies latest jw experiences

  • changeling

    Ya know... I love what you're trying to do, but... the WT did not actually "join" the UN... you have to be a country to do that...

    The WT became an NGO of the DPI of the UN, which is a big no-no, since they had to accept the priciples of the UN's charter (which has some clauses that clearly are contrary to JW teachings) and make the programs of the UN ("the disgusting thing that causes desolation") known in their publications and report back to the UN about how these efforts were going...

    You may say I'm argueing semantics, but there is a big difference between being a member of the UN and being an NGO. The witnesses will be quick to point that out to opposers and that could be the end of the discussion if they don't have any details.

    Maybe your shirt could read: "The WT played footsie with the UN", or something along those lines.

    If we are not accurate in our critique of the WT what we say will blow up in our face and we do more harm than good to the cause of enlightening others.

  • Gayle

    I suppose when Jesus went in the temple and overturned the tables, there were the self-righteous only to condemn him. But how many appreciated it?

    The point is, however, the WT "joined," "had a secret affair," "hooked up with," "used," "connected with," "NGO'd with" shows their lying double talk and double playing while speaking with condemnation of the U.N. to their own people, shows hypocrisy to the greatest extent.

    I admire your fearless forthrightness. I am sure more than one will want to verify this. Who will know, if no one speaks forth, (or wears a t-shirt like that)?

  • Gayle

    We are watching you WTBTS!!!

  • yknot

    Actually, The WTS did 'semi' tell.

    Letter was read to the Congos that the whole debacle was over a library card.

    If I remember correctly a different version surfaced in Germany.

    (not disagreeing.....just sayin')

    Personal note: You are one bold lad! kudos to your zeal!

  • changeling

    What letter, Ynot? I was an active witness at the time. I can assure you no such letter was read. And just four years ago, my husband brought the issue up to our elders and they did not have a clue.


    Good stuff.....But.....You have to get it right..

    The WBT$ did not join the UN..

    The WBT$ had an "Association with the UN"..

    If you don`t nail the facts down..The WBT$ will split hairs all day long..

    Never give them the opportunity..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • Kenneson

    You need to use another word besides "join" because the Watchtower Society did not join the U.N. If you want to be creditable, you must be more accurate.

  • yknot


    Brother H read ours, I had been following the story in the media.

    He read it awful fast too.

    But the gist was library card, UN changed wording and WTS DAd themselves as NGO.

    The day the story broke I called the UN directly and the very nice girl navigated me to Awake quotes posted on the UN site and all the yearly requirements to be a NGO.

    I often wonder even now how differently this would have played out if Barry had been alive, would the UN still be evil?

  • Clint Bussey
    Clint Bussey

    I'll stick with wording it the WT joined the UN. They can look up all the details and if they want to stay in denial about their leadership they can say they just joined the DPI or were an NGO, as if that is better. The way I see it is that they joined the U.N., by helping them. I appreciate your critiquing, but to each his own. I just want them talking about it, because they have no idea that this occured. We know, because we check up on these things, but JW's for the most part are clueless. However we say it, they need to know. This nut will crack if we stand up and reveal there most carefully concealed secret, or should i say, most damning secret.

  • Opus92

    I don't agree with your methods, but I have to admire your chutzpah. What you did was pretty amazing.

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